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Where old stories are continued

Welcome to the place where unadulterated car enthusiasts are distinguished from everyday motorists. The place where true stories count, as well as personal experiences and great memories. At here, cars are purchased out of passion and treated with love. If you feel that respect for history, design and technology must be a requirement rather than a luxury; than this is the place you’re looking for. Welcome to Prins Classics!


Wim Prins always had a passion for classic cars already from an early age. Soon after he started fixing up and selling Alfas and vintage cars, more and more nostalgic car buffs knew where to find him. Down through the years, there was more and more interest in English and German classic cars. And some years back, that passion from the outset resulted in a separate label: PrinsClassics. All classic cars buffs will never run out of things to look at or talk about.


Our years of experience means we know better than anyone else how much extra time and attention most vintage cars and youngtimers need. And you can be sure they get that in full here. Our vintage cars are housed in a shed specially fitted for this. Both the maintenance as well as the repairs is carried out by our experienced team. Some of our mechanics have been with us for 25 years and have built up a huge amount of knowledge of classic cars in that time. Also maintenance and repairs to the paintwork and bodywork can be left in the capable hands of our passionate specialists.
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Team Wim Prins

Enjoyment in your work is considered very important here at Wim Prins. "We have a fantastic team. A passionate and motivated group of classic cars enthusiasts. The team is the company. We are customer-oriented and offer a high-quality service to the complete satisfaction of an ever-increasing number of customers."

  • Wim3
    Wim Prins
  • Jeroen van Kranen, Prins Esclusivo, Sales
    Jeroen van Kranen
  • Quinten
    Quinten Immink
  • Joost
    Joost Bode
  • Daan2
    Daan Hertsenberg
    Media and photography
  • Gerrit
    Gerrit Haverkamp
    Workshop reception
  • Anniquegrijsshirt
    Annique Schuiteman
  • Lisanne
    Lisanne Schuiteman
  • Eveliengrijsjack
    Evelien van den Berg
  • Corne
    Corné den Hartog
    Parts and accessory
  • Mark
    Mark Kern
    Head of workshop
  • Hendri
    Henry Westerink
  • Gert
    Gert van Dijk
  • Robin
    Robin Lammerts van Bueren
  • Marinus
    Marinus van der Voort
  • Anton
    Anton Bouw
    Body repair
  • Harry
    Harry Petersen
    Car detailing