Wanted: Barn find

€1.000,- Finders fee


Barn find: classics that should be found

A barn find is the discovery of a classic car or motorcycle in an old barn, garage, shed or other shelter.
In many cases the condition of the classic object is similar to the environment and accommodation: abandoned. The quantity of dust on the body usually is a good reflection of the amount of time the car hasn’t got any human attention. Mostly that is for many years. A shame of course. Great objects like these deserve to be seen, rather than being put away somewhere in a dark corner.

€1.000 Euro finder’s fee for every golden lead!

Glad you can help! At Prins Classics we have the people and the power to revitalize abandoned classics, to give them a second, third or fourth life. To make this happen, we are looking for people who would like to join us finding the good old gems. The discovery of the classic, whether it was purposefully or not, is worth much: € 1.000, - to be exact!

Anyone who leads us to a classic that could use some sunlight and necessarily needs to be dusted, can count on this generous contribution. It doesn’t matter if the object is owned by family, a friend or a complete stranger. As long as the owner is willing to sell it to us! We will take good care of it. That’s a promise…

Assign barn find

If you know someone with a classic car that is willing to sell, or if you know a barn find somewhere: please fill in the form and let us contact you!