Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Bertone

We rarely met a classic with such a youthful appearance like this really special and beautiful Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Bertone in Rosso Alfa. A childhood dream for many generations, also the current youngsters. Because it may be a classic car with an old-school character, but the design is timeless and the condition almost (as good as) new; from the inside, outside as well as underneath. So if you’re looking for some classic art on wheels in a modern shape, you might just grab the wooden steering wheel faster than you think.


We don’t believe in coincidence. This GT Veloce was bought in 2009 by a Dutch fan, who took it over from a genuine Italian artist: Luciano Fornera. And by a ‘fan’, we mean someone who really uses all the effort and money in the world to make something that’s already breathtaking gorgeous, truly unique.
The GTV 2000 is an "old" friend of Prins. We sold the Italian gem in 2019 to the 2nd Dutch owner: also a great Alfa and Ducati enthusiast. He had 2 of both of them; in addition to the Alfa on your screen also an Alfa Romeo Brera plus a Ducati duo. The Brera is the only machine intended for daily use and the GTV 2000 brought a lot of driving pleasure, but not the speed experience of the motorcycles he was longing for. So the classic Alfa had to make some room in the garage after a year. We guess the next owner will be grateful forever…

Interior & exterior

The first thing to notice about the Rosso Alfa GTV are the 15-inch aluminum GTA wheels including stainless steel wheel nuts from Alfaholics. To those who swear by the original: the 14-inch Campagnolo wheels are included as well. And of course the Bertone is a bit lowered, thanks to Eibach springs (plus 29 mm front stabilizer bar) and Koni shock absorbers. It gives the Romeo among the GTV’s the looks it deserves. The missing (damage-free) stainless steel bumpers provides an extra tough look, but are nevertheless supplied separately too.
Also made of stainless steel are the brake hoses and gold cups at the (remanufactured) calipers, super-sprint sports exhaust (mounted from the manifold) and the boulder catcher underneath the front. The trunk lid from Alfaholics is new and so are the aluminum mudguards. The interior is just as immaculate and beautiful: the 2000 Bertone is equipped with a beige leather gear cover, handbrake cover and wonderful upholstered Sport Spider seats including electric 3-point harnesses. A pleasure to watch and drive!

Technique & performance

Speaking of driving: just about everything has been overhauled, replaced or upgraded in favor of the pure driving experience. From a complete engine overhaul to new cylinders, pistons, oil pump, 123 ignition, Delorto carburetors, engine hoses, fuel filter housing and piping, Alfaholics High gear starter + aluminum radiator, clutch, brake cylinder, wishbone rubbers and heater. Finally, floor, jack points, door seals and isolation materials of this absolutely unique Alfa GTV 2000 Bertone are all new.
Have we forgotten to mention something, apart from the unparalleled character of the 4-cylinder Twin Cam engine with 130 hp? It must be noted somewhere! And otherwise you will sure notice it, during an unforgettable test drive...

Cordiali Saluti,
Prins Classics