Alfa Romeo Spider

Alfa Romeo Spider

2000 Veloce | Top condition!
105.456 km

Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 Veloce

Close your eyes. Imagine the perfect 2nd generation Alfa Romeo Spider. Open your eyes. And? No difference, right? At Prins we should know: this Alfa Spider 2000 Veloce, which remains in absolutely wonderful condition, has been a loyal guest here since the 90s. During that same period the car was completely and – even more important - extremely punctually restored by genuine expert Harry Frens. And the story gets even better...

History & condition

After all these years, Harry's craftsmanship has lost none of its quality. The man himself is one of the most renowned Dutch restorers from the last century! In 2019, his perfectionism still leaves a great mark. Rarely have we seen a Spider with more than 40 years of experience, fitted with a body and paintwork that can hardly be distinguished from new. Rust and damages are nowhere to find. Instead, you can see the consistency and attention to detail in all parts when it comes to maintenance, which has been carried out frequently and faithfully by our own Alfa specialists since the 90s. Every year again.

Interior & exterior

As precisely as the service has been realized and kept up (the system goes back to 2002), that tight looks the bodywork of this "one of a kind" Spider. And the beauty isn’t limited to the fiery Rosso Corsa lacquer anyhow! The headlight covers, for example, have been renewed recently. The characteristic GB wheels are similar to the word nostalgia and of course this 2nd generation Spider is also equipped with the so-called "Coda Tronca": Italian for straightened tail. While the original "Duetto" had a sharply sloping, shell-shaped rear, the styling of its successor immediately shows that it’s a lot more modern.
Fortunately for the fans of driving, the interior is just as sleek and spotless as the exterior. The Nero upholstery shows no signs of excessive wear anywhere. And you simply can't keep your hands off the wooden steering wheel and gear lever; they look so yummy. In this piece of art on wheels you will certainly sit with a huge smile on your face. Every time. Anytime!


Good news: that smile gets even bigger as soon as you realize the best Spider engine is laying in front: the 2.0 liter, also known as 2000 Veloce! An when an Italian says it’s "Veloce", it truly is "Veloce". Especially for its time, this Alfa is a very smooth car to drive. With a maximum output of 128 hp, the non-turbo 4-cylinder was the absolute top version of the 2nd Spider series. A nice bonus for something that’s basically so tasty! Sunny or no sunny weather, this classic gives you goosebumps. What’s your next destination?

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