Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

V12 Vanquish
66.070 km
€ 79.500.00

Looking for an unsurpassed muscleman in a three-piece custom-made gray suit? Then this originally Dutch delivered chic tyrant might be your next car! The Aston Martin Vanquish itself is the pinnacle of British class. However, in this (perfect!) condition and stylish gray gear, no one can stand the glamorous cachet of the powerful grand tourer!


This unique car seems to have invented the word perfection. The Vanquish manages to steal the hearts of many fans of speed, power and distinction. But that’s not all this magical machine can do. Also the people who love superiority will appreciate the Englishman, thanks to the huge amount of care the car has had.
This gorgeous Aston Martin was delivered new in 2002 in the Netherlands. The Vanquish has had only two owners ever since. Both owners clearly estimated the true value of the legendary GT, given the sublime condition of the two-seater. The last owner has had the car 10 years in his possession. We can totally understand why: you will never get bored by the fully dressed British athlete, ever!


The timelessly styled Vanquish bodywork is extremely elegant. The lines are so dressy and classy; we just can’t stop looking at it! Nevertheless, it’s the combination of beauty and robustness what makes the coupe so special. Poured into the sophisticated color Tungsten Silver, the Vanquish is all about understated aesthetics. And above all: a feast for the eyes!


Once seated in the stylish powerhouse, you’ll also be blown away by tons of tasteful finishes and details. The Caspian Blue leather interior is timeless and pristine. There’s no way you’ll find any imperfections inside the Aston Martin. The silver finishes on the center console, paddle shift controls, parts of the door panels and steering wheel, contrast brilliantly with the dark blue leather upholstery. So do the beige headliner and ditto window styles. Bonus: as a driver you have views on classic looking, pure white meters in front of you. This is the kind of composition that impresses 24/7. That’s a guarantee!


And if it’s not the stunning appearance, the powerful motorization of the Vanquish will manage to raise the adrenaline level to the highest rank. 12 cylinders and 457 horsepower are fully responsible for historical performances and a magnificent symphony orchestra. Accelerating from 0-100 km/h is already done after 4.7 seconds. With a staggering top speed of 306 km/h speed, you will leave many other road users effortlessly and roaring behind you.
The majestic 5.9-liter V12 is linked to an automatic transmission including six gears. Engine and gearbox are both extremely smooth and convincing. However, this may not be a surprise. After all, you’ve got 556 Newton meters under your right foot…
Do you have any ambitions to cherish this graceful gentleman the same way your predecessors did? If your answer is yes, you’re the ideal customer, and cordially invited to visit our Classics showroom in the Netherlands!

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