| 1e eigenaar | origineel NL
39.477 km
€ 49.500.00


No BMW Z1 like this one: an original Dutch delivered roadster with only 1 (!) previous owner! A beautiful, pure car. A classic you don’t want to say goodbye. But after 31 years, the time has come and Prins gets the honor to find a new true Z1 fan. Which shouldn’t be quite a big challenge, since the condition is unique of this legend. BMW built only 8,000 Z1’s between 1989 and 1991. 6,443 of them were delivered in home country Germany. In addition, the green paint is by far the most wanted color for the 1st BMW Z model ever. What are you waiting for? Go and visit Holland!


Of course, owning a sports car during its complete life cycle of 31 years, sounds like a romantic love story. And a true story it is. However, fact is that a car like the BMW Z1 should be driven. And that’s exactly what didn’t happen lately. The dust is already gone, but a thorough makeover would certainly do the Z1 good. Because no matter how beautiful we think it is, it’s not a potential concours winner… Yet. Instead you get a 100% pure classic. A BMW Z1 that is perfect because of its imperfections. Nice little detail: the car has been close to our showroom all these years, since the former owner lives in the same town. There’s no such thing as a coincidence…


Somehow a late 80s, early 90s BMW in green has something extra when it comes to looks. In particular the Z1. At the front there are some similarities with the BMW M1. But above all the Z1 is a unique appearance. Even in 2021 we would swear that this is a prototype that came straight from a car show. But it isn’t. The “sliding” doors are by far the most striking of all the beautiful details. But also the mirrors on the A-pillars deserve some extra attention. The same goes for the green lacquer on our Z1, but not only because of the color itself. If you want the exterior to be as good as new, a paintjob is worth considering. We offer to replace the soft top as well, since it has been repaired before, as you can see. However, the timeless beauty of the design is the last thing you want to change…


History is something that is irreplaceable. There’s no number 2 of this BMW Z1. So the small imperfections are quickly forgiven. Once you have stepped over the door / sill, the next surprise awaits you: a remarkably cozy, but completely intact interior. Real bucket seats and a straightforward 3-spoke sports steering wheel guarantee a first-class sports car experience. You don't sit in this BMW, you put it on, like a tailor-made suit.

Technique & performance

Looking at the modern BMW Z models, we have become quite spoiled when it comes to power and driving experience. The pinnacle of course is the Z8, another born classic. Although we can also have lots of fun with the Z4 and its predecessor, the Z3. Nevertheless, a Z1 successor doesn’t really exist. It’s simply too special for that. The classic roadster is powered by a lovely 6-cylinder in-line engine with a capacity of 2.5 liters. A total of 171 hp and 218 Nm find their way to the rear wheels, which are linked to a 5-speed manual gearbox. In this configuration, the BMW Z1 is able to complete the 0-100 km/h sprint within 7.8 seconds. The Z1 keeps pushing until it reaches 225 km/h. Nothing quite like the BMW Z1. See for yourself at Nunspeet, Holland.

Kind regards,
Prins Classics