Ferrari 456m

Ferrari 456m

GT | Dutch delivered | Dealer maintained
Factory Color
65.993 km

Ferrari 456M GT

The ultimate Italian recipe for an old-time classic beauty in the late 90s / early 00s: this truly stunning 2002 Ferrari 456M GT is official Dutch delivered, completely dealer maintained and in gorgeous condition. Like a gem on wheels… And a manual transmission for the perfect Ferrari-V12 experience is included as well!


The 456M GT has all ingredients of a true gentleman; there’s so much flair, elegance and natural dominance around the 2+2 Ferrari grand tourer, others will step aside on the road immediately. Add to that the respectable age and impressive history of this specific piece of art, and we can only appreciate the classy GT from Maranello for 100%. The car was put on the road in 2002 by our renowned colleagues from the Netherlands: Ferrari Dealer Kroymans. Since then, 3 owners have shown their massive weakness for the majestic beauty. The full documentation, official books and stamped services show that the 456 has had all the attention it deserves during the past years. But there's more…


Pininfarina did what he’s best at: creating a brilliant design. This is how a GT is meant to be! The addition "M" to the 456 model name is an abbreviation for "Modificata". In understandable English it’s called “Modified”. Compared to the original 456 GT, the exterior changes are limited to separate, round fog lamps in the grille, redesigned pop-up headlights and a ditto rear bumper. The Grigio Titanio paintwork reflects the timeless class of the Ferrari 456. Bellissima!


The respect for this Dutch delivered Italian continues to grow after you enter the interior: here you’ll find super stylish Cuoio leather upholstered seats, door panels and lower part of the dashboard. Even the headlining is Cuoio! The top of the leather dashboard offers a sublime contrast thanks to a Nero color scheme, just like the A-pillars. And yet there’s one specific part that distracts us from all the visual magnificence: no, it is not the Becker radio / navigation system. But the aluminum shift knob, surrounded by a beautifully milled gear pattern…

Technique & performance

Anyone who’s capable to glide the gear smooth and fast through the H-pattern at the perfect moment, is able to accelerate from 0-100 km/h within 5.2 seconds. The traditional 2+2 GT is also a king in battling the air resistance, referring to the magical top speed of 310 km/h. While giving the manual gearbox a go, a maximum of 4 passengers enjoy the characteristic "click" of the shift mechanism, before hearing 442 wild-screaming horses when the 5.5 liter V12 front-engine is seriously put to work. A born classic, this 456M GT.

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Electric front windows
Tinted glass
Leather interior
Leather steering weel
Alloy wheels