Ferrari Mondial

Ferrari Mondial

Quattrovavole | 1st owner | 1st paint
Factory Color
52.513 km
€ 39.500.00

Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole Rosso Corsa

Owning one and the same car for 35 years, who would want that nowadays? Someone who possesses an original Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole! With its bright red bodywork (first paint!), practical 2+2 interior setup and characteristic 80s looks, it’s difficult not to fall in love with the Italian thoroughbred.


Sometimes luck has to be a bit on your side when you’re searching for a unique car like this. We were fortunate: an Italian friend told us about the Mondial. The model is one of the best-selling and available Ferraris in the history of the brand. Yet a copy of this high caliber is extremely hard to find.
What makes the 4-seater coupé so special? To begin with, the car has had only one (!) owner since the first delivery in Turin, back in 1982. During the years that followed, the Ferrari drove its kilometers in the neighborhood of Pompeii and Salerno. According to the documents, that’s also the place where the car has been maintained. We made an abrupt end to its Italian (hi)story when we brought the Prancing Horse to the Netherlands. A decision that we cannot possibly regret though.


The lovely Rosso Corsa lacquer shows the Ferrari fairy tale goes on, no matter the country or scenery. It’s the first paint since the production in 1982; truly unique! Proof of originality is written in a document, containing an official statement from the Ferrari dealer. That also goes for the (very low) mileage and interior.
The Mondial is characterized by a remarkably clean, straightforward Pininfarina design. Beautiful details such as the double round rear lights, 5-star Speedline rims and aerodynamical air intakes behind the doors with artistic ‘Testarossa lookalike’ shutters, reveal the true identity of this creation from Maranello. Furthermore, the model contains surprisingly little frills. Even for a real Ferrari…


Inside the Mondial simplicity has the upper hand as well. The condition of the completely original Nero leather interior deserves a big compliment. The gorgeous gear shift with classic H-pattern and old school Pioneer radio & cassette player in the center console, make this iconic Ferrari a first-class time machine. This is what pure nostalgia looks like!


The Quattrovalvole V8 engine has 4 valves per cylinder (2 more than the standard version) and delivers 235 hp. However, more important is the feeling you get after hearing the 8-cylinder giving it all. The esthetics of this 35-year-old Italian may be admirable, after test driving the Mondial, all you want to do is stay behind the wheel. For at least another 35 years.

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Prins Classics

Leather furnishing
Alloy wheels
Fog lights
Originele radio
Sliding roof