Jaguar XK

Jaguar XK

120 Roadster OTS
Factory Color
65.200 km
€ 149.500.00

Jaguar XK120 Roadster

A timeless black beauty with matching numbers! This astonishing Jaguar XK120 Roadster from 1952 is a magical car with a mesmerizing load of British charisma. It truly knows how to amaze the admirers of classic racing cars. That’s a fact. But apart from that, we honestly think that it will fascinate anyone who has a thing for cars. Just look at it!

This magnificent Jag is in absolute perfect condition, aesthetically and also technically. After all these years bodywork has lost nothing from its brilliance, while the highly refined 'Burgundy' red leather interior with beautiful aluminium accents looks like it just came out of the factory. Therefore, the legendary Roadster not only is special, it also looks really special!

However, no matter how attractive it may sound to watch the beautiful shapes of this historical car all day long, driving it is even more fun! That’s exactly the reason why we bought this collector's item from a collector. Because of his age, the former owner unfortunately saw no possibility anymore to get behind the wheel of the Jag by himself. To use his own words: 'it’s a pure driver's car, so it would be a shame to establish the Roadster somewhere in a barn.’ Naturally, we fully agree.

This unique open two-seater owes its excellent condition (visually and technically) not only by a former possessor who cherished the intense beauty of the car (optical and underneath), but also because of a thorough restoration in 2007. This year again, the car had some comprehensive technical maintenance. (in which for instance the brakes were renewed).

The Jaguar XK120 was shown to the public for the first time at the British International Motor Show in 1948. There were two versions revealed: a Convertible called ‘Drop Head Coupé’ (DHC) and a Roadster, also known as the 'Open Two Seater’ (OTS). Both were basically designed to test a new Jaguar engine. This engine had the main goal to achieve a top speed of 120 mph (193 km/h) in the aluminium prototypes; a new record for street cars at that time. Therefore, the type designation of the XK120 is a direct reference to the primary purpose of the car. The new top speed record was achieved, and even exceeded with ease. On the 30th of May in 1949, the XK120 concept car wrote history by gaining a top speed of 132,6 mph on a deserted highway in Belgium. It was only the beginning of something much more beautiful ...

The dynamic, lascivious lines of the XK120 prototypes made so much impression on the public that at a later stage Jaguar decided to take the cars actually in production. The first 242 production cars were built on a wooden frame with aluminium panels. That changed at the beginning of 1950; from then on the new versions were all-steel built, which made the car 51 kilograms (112 lb) heavier, but not less competitive! In the years that followed numerous of world records for speed still were broken. In addition, the Roadsters (OTS) were also very successful in racing and rallying.

The Jaguar XK120 was built until 1954. Besides the stylish Drop Head Coupé and sporty Open Two Seater, the brand also introduced a Fixed Head Coupé (FHC). It was a closed coupe version based on the convertible. However, according to us, nothing beats the unadulterated character of the OTS Roadster with an 3.4-liter inline 6 cylinder engine, which includes a maximum power of 162 hp. You will not get any closer to the real classic racing feeling than this!

Would you like to experience this by your very own? Of course that’s possible! You are welcome at our Classics showroom in The Netherlands. We look forward seeing you soon!

With kind regards,
Prins Classics.

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