Lancia Fulvia

Lancia Fulvia

1.3 S MonteCarlo | series 3 | all-original & certified MonteCarlo !
Factory Color
52.355 km

Lancia Fulvia Coupé 3 1.3 S Montecarlo

A Lancia Fulvia Coupe not special enough? We can hardly imagine that. But okay, you think it could be even more special? Well, Lancia has an answer to that: the Fulvia Coupe Series III 1.3 S Montecarlo. An extraordinary car with an extraordinary name. Especially the last part of the type designation tells us a lot: the classic is a tribute to the very successful rally past of the 2-door Fulvia. That you can see, hear and feel in every detail of the car.

History & condition

Lancia has celebrated many race victories in the past. But the legendary Monte Carlo Rally in 1972, was a really special one. With this car as a result. The Fulvia Montecarlo is a direct reference to the famous victory of Munari and Manucci. Icing on the cake is this specific one from 1974, based on the last generation Fulvia (Coupe 3), remaining in excellent condition. The street legal racing car is completely intact as well: the Montecarlo fog lights, wheels, characteristic single exterior mirror on the left front screen and even the original “Rallye Monte-Carlo” stickers are still there!
The Prince of Fulvia’s was first delivered in Lancia’s home country: la bella Italia. A friend of our company based in Italy, who’s also a huge fan of classic beauties, informed us about the car. Once arrived in the Netherlands, we immediately fell in love; the Coupe Montecarlo is in perfect shape, has no rust at all and is also technically a genuine gem. You want proof? Drive it. You want it on paper? The official Lancia Certificato di Autenticità is included!

Interior & exterior

The Fulvia Coupe is an incredibly pretty appearance. The the 1.3 S Montecarlo however, smoothly adds some historical motorsport charisma to it. In addition to the already mentioned exterior modifications, this version can be recognized by the matte black hood and tail, as well as the absence of the bumpers; the livery and style elements are inspired by the iconic Fulvia Coupe Rallye 1.6 HF "Fanalone".
The nickname refers to the extra-large headlights of the HF version, which appeared as a Series I and Series II. Yet, the huge success of the Montecarlo contributed to the fact that the looks of the 3rd generation were basically identical to its predecessor. The red lacquer on this one adds an extra sporty touch to it. Inside almost everything is black; the 3-spoke steering wheel and the sports seats (including headrests, just like the HF has) are original "Montecarlo". Furthermore, the model contains the same more luxurious kit as any other Fulvia Coupe 3.

Technique & performance

Under the bonnet of the 1.3 S there’s a longitudinal 1298 cc V4 engine. The compact 4-cylinder produces 90 hp and is full of character. The top speed is 170 km/h, but it’s the fabulous handling and acceleration power that gave the charismatic coupe wings in automotive history. And still the Lancia knows how to surprise. Because aren’t you in love yet?

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