Maserati Khamsin 4.9 Automatic

We honestly hope you still have some room left in your living room (especially while being in quarantine), because this magnificent 1977 Maserati Khamsin 4.9 with matching numbers certainly belongs in the best place of the house! Call it "art on wheels", the main advantage of this amazing piece of art is that you can drive it too…
Maserati’s ultimate design killer (thanks to Bertone) is in good condition, has been well maintained and thoroughly tackled on various points over the years. Not quite a concours winner, but nevertheless a gorgeous car anyway. We were asked by the current owner to offer his Khamsin, since the enthusiast doesn’t have enough space for all his hobbies. Yes, he has lots of them…


The Italian masterpiece on your screen circulated in the US during its first few years, until a Frenchman brought the Maserati from Los Angeles to the southern of France back in 2012. The classic has remained faithful to Europe ever since. Last year Prins had the honor to deliver the Khamsin to its current owner: also a Frenchman and a good relation of our company too. The reason we offer the trident for sale once again is a classic luxury problem: the Khamsin was added to an illustrious list of legends – such as the Maserati Ghibli, Alfa Romeo Montreal and an extremely low mileage (less than 10.000 km!) Ferrari 348 Spider. The Frenchman's living room turned out to be completely full, so the last one added was the first one to leave.
Time may have been the greatest enemy of the Khamsin. Because unlike the other cars, it didn’t get the time to bond with its owner… Full history and all invoices are included for the next one. Here you’ll find, among numerous other things, that the Khamsin had a complete engine overhaul in the US in 2004.

Interior & exterior

The Maserati Khamsin definitely deserves a beauty award, no matter the condition. Its futuristic, spaceship looks turn out to be timeless as well; that’s a unique combination. The exterior condition of this specific Khamsin is also very nice, no perfect though. Apart from a few blisters on the hood and some tiny cracks in the flaming red Rosso Fuoco lacquer, the extremely sharp designed Khamsin is flawless.
The current owner is a huge fan of all the Bertone stuff. For sure, the Khamsin is one of the greatest masterpieces in Italian history. It’s is also clear that this Maserati feels more European than ever, referring to the new bumpers that were mounted in EU spec. The original white leather upholstery was exchanged for black leather front seats. The dashboard and floor were given a new black look as well. The result is seriously slick; there’s nothing more to say.

Technique & performance

Technically there’s still a lot to tell though: underneath, the Khamsin 4.9 is just as progressive as its design. The delightful automatic transmission, for example, is a BorgWarner product; the only American touch left! The 4.9-liter Maserati-V8 features 4 twin Weber carburettors and produces an impressive 320 horsepower… That’s just bizarre for a 1970s model!
The condition of the technique is perfectly fine; the car steers, brakes, shifts and runs well. The electronics work 100% properly too! “Artwork” is also the handling, thanks to an ideal 50/50 weight distribution. Our advice: whatever the room you might place the Khamsin in, place it near a door, because this classic sure rides how it looks: beautifully.

Kind regards,
Prins Classics