Maserati Khamsin

Maserati Khamsin

37.312 mile

Maserati Khamsin 4.9

The model name refers to a hot Egyptian desert storm, but in fact the Maserati Khamsin was above all a fresh looking supercar when it was introduced back in 1974. With its spacey looks and progressive technology, the Khamsin immediately made an extraterrestrial beautiful impression. Some things never change…
This particularly Khamsin with matching numbers, factory papers and an official Maserati Certificate, has been perfectly maintained all these years. In addition, the mileage is low and the luxurious time machine remains in absolutely brilliant condition. Recent services by Dutch specialist “Italauto” makes the story even better. In short, the extremely hot trident is by no means a storm in a teacup!

History & background

Italy built this specific stunning Khamsin in November 1975. After that, America got the honor to put the Italian beauty on the road for the very first time. That finally happened in 1977, a year after the car was warmly welcomed by the Maserati importer in Los Angeles. One of the lucky ones who owned the classic supercar in the last 42 years, wrote multiple bestsellers. Ironically, his books were about millionaires who had become rich thanks to their modesty, thrift and prudence. This trident however, was purchased during the oil crisis, which requires a lot of guts!
Guts were also showed by Marcello Gandini. He was handed a white piece of paper by Nuccio Bertone and made the impossible possible: creating a genuine Bertone design. Because of Giovanni Bertone’s death in 1972 – the founder of the legendary design agency, this new model inadvertently became some kind of a tribute to the Italian maestro. Since later that year, the first Khamsin prototype debuted at the Turin Motor Show: in Bertone's backyard.

Interior & exterior

By calling the Maserati “spacey”, we actually mean it looks like a real spaceship. The characteristic, razor-sharp profile of the Khamsin - including a wedge-shaped bodywork and large rear windows - is often confused with a UFO by people passing by during test drives. Unique details, such as the asymmetrical black slats on the hood and glassware between the two rear light units, reveal Gandini had the full backing of Bertone while designing this Maserati. The Rosso Fuoco body is in gorgeous condition and the original (!) black Connolly leather upholstery still is impeccable when it comes to style and sportiness. That’s why sitting in the Khamsin is a great experience, even when you’re standing still. The European specifications, new tires and original 15-inch Campagnolo alloy rims come like a nice bonus!


Design and technology go hand in hand in this highly rare classic creation. For example, Maserati engineer Giulio Alfieri used the innovative hydraulics from Citroën to control the pop-up headlights and seats. After all, if the French were in control anyway (Citroën was in charge between 1968 and 1975), why not taking the advantage and go shopping in Paris for parts?
And so it happened. Among other things, the power brakes and very direct speed sensitive – as well self-centering power steering input with limited rotation of the wheel itself, came directly from Citroën. However, not everything was French. The wonderful automatic transmission for example, was engineered by BorgWarner. Then there’s the perfect handling thanks to an ideal 50/50 weight balance and double wishbones all around. And how about the magnificent 4.9 liter V8 engine including 4 double Weber carburetors, delivering an output of almost 320 hp? All powered by Maserati. This combination makes the Khamsin far ahead of its time. And it still is an insanely great car to drive. In fact, the power unit was one of the finest before De Tomaso took over the company. Giovanni Bertone definitely would have been proud...

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