Mercedes-Benz 190 SL

Let’s be straight: the classic German on your screen is so beautiful that it could have been Italian. Of course, the “bella” has the perfect color for it. But how about that design! So pretty, so delicately, so timeless, so stylish, so elegant. Not to mention the stunning overall condition of this fully restored Mercedes-Benz 190 SL…


This 1956 Mercedes 190 SL (R121, with the "R" for "Roadster") was put on the road exactly one year after the model's introduction. Mercedes launched an affordable convertible version in addition to the beautiful, but also very expensive 300SL “Gullwing”. Unlike the iconic sportscar, the R121 stands on a W121 BII platform: the same as the Mercedes 180 Ponton sedan. The code "BII" refers to "Series II", which means that the technique was based on a later version of the Ponton. In this special case, the interior, exterior and technique have been completely restored the last couple of years. Pictures of the proceedings are included.

Interior & exterior

Since the design of the 190 SL is absolutely enchanting, the bright red bodywork fits the star of the convertible show just perfectly. The same red glow of the exterior is beautifully reflected in the dashboard and the A-pillars. Soft-top and upholstery are black, but there’s no lack of contrast at all, thanks to the many chrome and white details.


It’s all in the name: the 190 SL has a 1.9 liter engine (M121). The four cylinders are equipped with two carburetors and delivers 105 hp (77 kW). That’s all you need in a Super Light (SL) Mercedes model. Although it might not even be necessary to drive the Mercedes 190 SL to fully appreciate it, if you know what we mean...

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