| S4C 2.9 V6 British Racing Green
79.784 km
€ 27.500.00

TVR S4C 2.9 V6 | British Racing Green

If "unique" doesn’t sound unique enough... This truly special TVR S4C 2.9 V6 is an absolute rarity. We’re not exaggerating: only 34 like these have been delivered worldwide. And the number of left-hand drive versions? No more than 4 were made!
There isn’t much to choose if you’re looking for an S4C with 2.9 liter engine. Lucky you, this Prins Classic turns out to be a king of classics: painted in British Racing Green, with less than 80,000 km of driving experience, only 3 previous owners and including fully documented (service) history!


October 1, 1994. On that day Switzerland made British history thanks to this really pure and exceptionally fun roadster. Unfortunately for the Swiss they haven’t been able to keep their hands on the characteristic two-seater: in 2016 the Netherlands got grip on it after Germany have tasted some of the driving fun and pure roadster feel as well.
The service history with all its invoices go back to 1999. The most recent major service dates from April 25, 2017. Our colleagues from Louwman Exclusive put a lot of love and effort into the TVR to make the 2.9 6-cylinder engine perform, sound and smell like it should be. We thank them on our bare knees for that.

Interior & exterior

Experts won’t be surprised that the S4C is basically a TVR V8S, but with a V6 under the hood. After all, the cars share the same exterior and some technical features too, including the extra wide bodywork and 4 brake discs. In the meantime, the S4C got the nicer roof from the Griffith and can be recognized, among other things, by other exterior mirrors.
Of course we’re very happy with the color: British Racing Green. No lacquer having as much character as the good old green paint! You see, the first owner thought of every little detail: on the inside you’ll find beautiful beige leather upholstery and burr walnut interior trims. Only breakfast could smell more English!

Technique & performance

Naturally, just as important is the performance. The V6 engine in the front is built by Ford. The 2.9 liter 6-cylinder in the TVR S4 with catalytic converter (this explains the letter “C” in S4C) delivers no less than 170 hp; very impressive for a lightweight model like the TVR. Because unlike what we’re used to from many modern sports cars, the S4C weighs only 940 kg...
The very attractive horsepower / weight ratio guarantees playful driving dynamics. Those who dare to look for the limit have their hands full with this classic! Accelerating from 0-100 km/h takes less than 7 seconds and the top speed is 211 km/h, so also in terms of performance this rarity on wheels can last a long time. The only question is: who’s behind the wheel?

Kind regards,
Prins Classics