• Video: Polished to perfection

    door: Daan
    16 juni 2017

    Passion for the car puts perfection in the work.

    We take our detailing work very seriously, with well trained staff and high quality materials. We agree with the rapid developments in this area and continue to strive for the best quality. Cars are our passion, but also brushing them. An honorable task that requires knowledge and experience, wonderful work!

  • Men&Machine: Lancia vintage fasion-shoot

    door: Daan
    14 november 2016

    Driving in style becomes truly literally when you combine a classic Lancia with a chic and fashionable outfit. That is exactly what happened after we invited our local fashion house Atelier9 to join our Lancia Aurelia B20 GT in a classy photo-shoot.

    The result: some unique snapshots of a man and his machine. Starring two authentic characters featuring custom-made suites. One made of textile, the other made of steel. Both finished with passion for aesthetics, attention to detail and above all: a sense of style. A tasteful collaboration and a forerunner for future shots.

  • Zoute Grand Prix, Belgium

    door: Daan
    15 september 2016

    With some wonderful events and positive auction result it has been a prolific summer for the classic market! Now the autumn is almost upon us, and we have something to look forward to. A number of major auction houses have partially announced their inventory for the upcoming autumn auctions. If we can give you a visit-tip: The ZOUTE GRAND PRIX in Knokke-Heist, Belgium.

  • 100 Miles of Amsterdam

    door: Daan
    22 december 2015

    A celebration of the durability of pre-war cars. Artworks and (for the time) technical masterpieces that have survived for generations and are drenched in history. All released on a dark December night in a decoor of medieval squares, canals and dikes around and in Amsterdam ... That's The 100 Miles of Amsterdam.

  • Prins on Wings, Wheels & Goggles

    11 mei 2015

    20 - 21 June

    Wings, Wheels & Goggles, a unique event at Teuge airport. Main act is 'The Great Race', a unique rally between teams with open prewar classic cars and planes! Outside the rally there at the airport is plenty to do and see. There is an air show of the famous Breitling Whing Walkers and a prewar-car sprint.

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