Lancia Aurelia Vintage fashion-shoot (2)

Men&Machine: Lancia vintage fasion-shoot

Driving in style becomes truly literally when you combine a classic Lancia with a chic and fashionable outfit. That is exactly what happened after we invited our local fashion house Atelier9 to join our Lancia Aurelia B20 GT in a classy photo-shoot.

The result: some unique snapshots of a man and his machine. Starring two authentic characters featuring custom-made suites. One made of textile, the other made of steel. Both finished with passion for aesthetics, attention to detail and above all: a sense of style. A tasteful collaboration and a forerunner for future shots.

This is what HE wears:
1. A taupe-colored vintage diamond jacket by Van Gils, with blue, rust and green tints. Finished with nice touches such as horn buttons and a pocket square.
2. A Cavallaro wool / cotton waistcoat with separate front and rear and a five-button placket.
3. A beautiful slender white shirt from Profuomo, made of Egyptian cotton, which gives the shirt a very rich look. Finished with luxury buttons and a fine, slim fit.
4. An original carved bow created by Selected Homme, which ensures a dandy-like appearance. Gorgeous, hand-made chinos derived from the Tramarossa brand, located in the region Veneto, Italy. For the manufacture, machines from the 50s/60s are used. They are responsible for a superior quality.
5. Italian Giorgio shoes equipped with a snake-like motif in the leather. Finished with a good footbed, which is essential for wearing a comfortable shoe.
This is what SHE wears:
A mesmerizing two-door dark-blue (Blu-Lancia) bodywork. Designed under the regime of Vittorio Jano, sketched by Ghia's chief designer Felice Mario Buona and built by Pininfarina.