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Reconditioned: Alfa Romeo SZ

It's like all other classics in our Prins Classics storage take a step backwards as this flamboyant machine rolls down the hallway. As a shameless monster it embarrasses other classics. The enchanting effect of the Zagato coach is so crushing, that one of us even allowed 'Il Monstro' to drive his beloved-one on the most beautiful day of his life. In that regard, 'Il Mostro' honors his nickname; This classic doesn't show any mercy.

We are delighted that our team, where the SZ's crushing aesthetics are really appreciated, got the honorable task of returning this particular Alfa to the immaculate condition it deserves. Both optical and technical.

A five-step lacquer treatment has resulted in a deep enduring shine. The bright red color results from a process of light grinding, 4 stages of polishing and a glass coating. The commendable Z on the front screen shines like never before. Last but not least the SZ also begins a second life on technical terms, thanks to some extensive maintenance carried out by our experienced first-class mechanics. 

The impeccable state of the SZ today brings up some mixed-feelings of homage and pride. We crave to the glory days in which mythical alfa's like the Sprint Zagato made the Alfa brand a legend. And proud of the fact that we are in a position to represent this beautiful brand for almost 27 years!