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Restoration Porsche 356 finished

Restoration Porsche 356 Cabriolet: back to the original
What appeared at first sight to be rather innocent, resulted in a serious (and) beautiful project. At the beginning of this year the owner of a beautiful Porsche 356 Cabriolet knocked on our door. For a long time, the highly esteemed Prince customer and his classic pride seemed to be inseparable. However, after 15 years and many fun rides, the first cracks came to light. The cause: a beauty flaw that turned out not to be a flaw. Luckily Team Prins was there ...

Imperfections under the red
It all started with a visit to our workshop. The owner's eye had fallen on a small blot in the red lacquer. Logically, he wanted to know the details. A closer inspection showed that there was more to it. The optical imperfections quickly accumulated, among other things with rust spots. The car in its entirety refinishing seemed therefore the only right choice. But it was not.
Initially, we kept to the original plan. After removing the old paint, however, we got another setback to process: the body was not in the state as hoped, and could use some extra attention to say the least. Now that we were busy ...

Green light for Oslo Blau
A thorough restoration stared. At Porsche the original colors were requested for the best result. Surprised we were when the manufacturer informed us that the first color of the Cabriolet was not red, but blue. Oslo Blau, to be precise, with Grau interior trim. From the owner we got green light to return the original shine. We did not let this happen twice ...
We disassembled the 356 and made the body completely bald. Then it was taken through an acid bath to de-rust and brought back to the steel. Then we started building again, starting with tightening the bodywork and applying the blue paint. The interior has also been completely re-upholstered. Cherry on the cake is of course the brand new roof. Whether the owner was happy with the end result? Let's put it this way: it looks as if man and machine remain loyal to each other for the time being. End well, all good!