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An entire team on hand just for you

Knowledge and experience is a must for vintage cars and youngtimers. Wim Prins has a team of specialists that also has all the knowledge and expertise for classic cars in house. A team that is always on hand to offer you a good and professional service. What can we do for you?

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Interested in buying your classic car

Have you set your mind on a vintage car? Or are you more interested in a stylish youngtimer? Well, Wim Prins is a good and reliable address for both. We are only too happy to assist with the purchase of your dream car. Some classic cars can be harder to find than others. But we always see it as a new challenge to find your exact dream car. Maybe it’s that model of which you have such fond memories. Or that sporty model that you later want to drive in classic rallies. But of course, it can also be the car you fell in love with yesterday. If you don't immediately find the classic car you have in mind, then you can also instruct us to initiate a search. We will set our network inside and beyond the Netherlands in motion to try and find the model you so desire. Would you like to know more? Then get in touch with us via info@wimprins.nl


Paintwork treatment for your classic car

We all know that the paintwork of your vintage car can become discoloured or even begin to look dull through the years. Sunlight, regular washing, but also tar, resin, bird droppings can sometimes leave their mark. With a professional treatment, we happily ensure that the paintwork of your vintage car does not, or in any case as little as possible, suffer from all kinds of external factors that could arise.

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Classic car insurance

We are only too happy to assist you with a car insurance that is completely in tune with your vintage car. Meaning you can go touring with confidence and without a care in the world. Of course, you decide on the coverage you want for your car. We always offer in every instance a competitively priced tailored-policy from a well-known insurance company.

Please be aware that the insurer will ask for the appraised value of your vintage car and so you will always need an appraisal report. Naturally, we can arrange this report for you. Would you like to know more?

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Interested in selling your classic car

Is it time for another car? Then you are at the right place if you want to purchase your dream car, but also when you want to sell your classic car or youngtimer. The last mentioned can occur via consignment sales or we can immediately make you a fair offer. In case of consignment sales, we shall arrange the sale of your car for payment. We shall ensure your car is prepared for sale, advertise on-line and try to find a new owner via our extensive network. Would you like to know more? Then contact us via info@wimprins.nl

Maintenance on your classic car

To keep your classic or vintage car in tiptop condition, good maintenance is crucial. At PrinsClassics, we have the expertise and all the advanced equipment in house for this. We also have an extensive network and can always acquire the right parts. Moreover, the passion of our mechanics does not stop with the technology. As true car buffs, they cherish your car in its entirety. And it is that strong blend of experience, expertise, ambition and passion that means your classic car is always in good hands at Wim Prins.


Classic bodywork repairs

Naturally, a classic or vintage car is something to be always cherished. But an accident can just be around the corner. And it’s because we know how much your classic car means to you, we gladly pull out all the stops to repair any damage promptly, professionally and invisibly. Meaning you can once again fully enjoy your showpiece and be certain that it retains its value.

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Classic car appraisal

An appraisal report of your classic car is very important. If it is ever stolen or damaged, then the appraisal is decisive for the amount your insurance will pay. We can supply you with a NIVRE [Dutch Institute of Register Experts]/VRT [Association of Registered Appraisers]/FEHAC [Federation of Historic Automobile and Motorcycle Clubs] certified appraisal report that is accepted by all insurance companies.