Alfa Romeo 75

Alfa Romeo 75

2.0 Twin Spark
Factory Color
129.046 km

At Wim Prins we consider ourselves fortunate that we can do our job with so much passion every day. Surrounded by the most beautiful creations, more than often we stand face to face with cars that let our heart beat extremely fast. However, very occasionally, we find ourselves in a situation where time just seems to have stopped entirely.
A moment of pure wonder, because that unique feeling you once had with a certain car, suddenly re-emerges and is relived in the exact same way. The day we found this wonderful ’89 Alfa Romeo 75 with desirable 2.0-liter Twin Spark motorization, was such a moment.


Recently we’ve brutally taken away this born and raised Italian beauty from its home country, with the purpose to find a fine new owner for it in the Netherlands. This person must at least comply with the following description: a man or female between 18 and 88 with excellent taste and a great sense of style. Someone who’s not afraid of a bit (car) emotion and has the (car) heart in the right place. A thoroughbred enthusiast, who gets goosebumps all over the place only by hearing the words Alfa Romeo, and dreams about the numbers 75 at night.
Why all this effort to get the car for such a person? Because this is a stainless, superbly maintained and fair Alfa Romeo. It still has the first paint and a more than acceptable mileage. This Alfa 75 exudes Italian allure and authenticity. And we truly love it. That's why.

Interior & exterior

The Bianco Argento paintwork (also called 'champagne') is in remarkably good shape, given its respectable age of 27. Also important: it suits the characteristic angular body of this gorgeous berlina brilliantly. The black stripes on the sides, which optically come together in the rear spoiler on the boot, contrast beautifully with the light bodywork. The 'telephone dial' wheels also cause a smile on our faces. In its totality the combination is mythical and timeless, thanks to the understated, very nice color.
The interior is visibly also been taken care of with lots of attention over the years. All components are completely original and in very good condition, apart from a single flaw in the back seat and a slightly peelable headlining. But hey, true perfection has its imperfections too, right? We’re talking about a car here that has driven through the (South) European streets for more than a quarter century now. Looking at its overall condition, we really should give it a brake…


One of the other significant "details" about this unique car, which experts immediately will notice of course, is the legendary "T.SPARK” type designation on the back. This abbreviation represents a rumbling 2.0-liter 4-cylinder, with a maximum output of 148 hp and a top speed of 205 km/h. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h, according to the factory, must be possible within 8.5 seconds. Impressive values for a middle-class sedan. But even more impressive for a 27 years old saloon!
However, to be honest, such figures probably won’t be a concern for the future owner. After all, it’s all about the 'classic Alfa experience'. In that case it’s not going to be any better than this Alfa 75. That’s a guarantee. Basta!

Kind regards,
Prins Classics

Central locking
Metal color
Power steering