Alfa Romeo Alfetta

Alfa Romeo Alfetta

1.8 | 1e serie | Origineel NL | Nette staat!
Factory Color
108.884 km

Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1.8

At Prins, we love our jobs. This once again became very clear after cleaning and polishing this beautiful, original Dutch delivered 1976 first series Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1.8, which already was in perfect shape technically when we got her. Our intensive paint treatment brought back the original shine of the Italian classic. That’s how we do it! On the outside and underneath the Alfetta is solid as a rock. It drives brilliant as well!


No matter how good this classic is, perhaps it goes a little bit too far to use it on a daily basis. Ask the former owner, a true fan, who had the romantic idea of using his Alfetta as a successor of his Alfa 159. After one year, it was time to look out for another 159 again. In addition, he bought a Duetto at Prins, as a replacement for the Alfetta and his Alfa Spider Type 4. Previous owners have had the bright red Alfetta 1.8 a lot longer. History shows us that the second last one possessed the Alfa for 9 years and the one before him, owner number 1, even 30 years!

Interior & exterior

Typical Alfetta are the double round headlights and solid looking rear including 3 clustered, rectangular light units on each side. All chrome parts sparkle like it’s still 1976. The Alfa red bodywork has been nicely repainted here and there over the years. The black Skai leather upholstery remains in excellent condition! Furthermore there’s a beautiful 3-spoke wooden sports steering wheel, a wooden finish on the dashboard and door panels plus some fine chrome details.


The 1st series Alfettas basically have the same 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine as the Berlina 1750, but with a displacement of 1779 cc, explaining the increase to 121 hp. Suspension and drive are completely different from the Berlina, creating an ideal weight distribution for better handling. Sure, we can understand the idea of using the classic Alfa every day… Don’t you?

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Prins Classics