Alfa Romeo Berlina

Alfa Romeo Berlina

90.269 km

“Olandese”; the name of the special lacquer says it all. This magnificent dark blue Alfa Romeo Berlina 2000 with matching numbers (chassis AR-2324720) literally has a Dutch touch. And a very impressive history!


During the past 22 years the Alfa was in possession of the former, very enthusiastic owner, there has been put a lot of money and effort into the Italian classic to get her in the stunning present shape. In addition to the visual and technical condition, also lots of attention went to the history of the car. The owner did everything that was in his power to get to the bottom of it.
Entire letters were written about the Berlina, which reminds of an exciting novel, more than an informative bulletin. Summarizing the great history, we can say that on March 28 1972 the Berlina 2000 left the Italian factory. Exactly one month later, the car came into the hands of Ministero dell'Interno (Ministry of Internal Affairs), based in Rome. In 1987 the Alfa was nearly crushed. A Dutch businessman bought the former government car - with great difficulty - at the last minute before the demolition was initiated. At that time it was common to destroy cars immediately after serving the Italian authorities. Thankfully this time it worked out differently.
The buyer spotted the Alfa during a business trip, saved her from being destructed and imported the sedan to the Netherlands. The following (Dutch) owner took over the Berlina in February 1991, but has barely driven with it. In 1995 the car became property of the last owner so far: a huge Alfa fan with an immense amount of technical knowledge, gained as an employee in the garage of an Alfa Romeo dealer. After much searching, he finally found his ultimate dream car 22 years ago: the Berlina 2000. And cherished her during all 114,000 driven kilometers.


The passion for working on cars came in handy, since the Alfa has been improved in almost every way. The media was able to find the car constantly, aiming to publish her unique story. In various magazines subjects as the complete restoration process and brilliant handling characteristics of this particular car were brought to the attention.
In addition, four different appraisal forms, a folder with invoices and a working manual are included. From 1996, at a mileage of 76,000, all the work on the car has been recorded within detail. Including the work on the 1962 cc engine (hence the figures 2000 in the type designation), which delivers an output of 132 hp; 14 hp more than the original 1750 Berlina.

Interior & exterior

The chic Blu Olandese lacquer dates from 2007. That’s also the year that the gorgeous, timeless styled body of the Berlina was fully revised. For best result the finishing and spraying has been outsourced to specialists.
Inside the Alfa is also a great joy to look at. “Blu” velor upholstery in combination with many splendid original features confirm the inner beauty of this Italian masterpiece, and contain an infectious amount of charisma. Are you ready to be enchanted by this amazing time machine? You are cordially invited to come and see her in real life. Until soon in Holland…!?

Kind regards,
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