Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia

1.3 Super | top condition | 1750 engine | drivers car!
Factory Color
127.051 km

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1.3.

Bella Blu! At Prins Classics we encourage originality as much as possible. Of course, this can be interpreted in different ways: in terms of condition and in terms of distinction. This unique and really fine Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1.3 with completely new 1750 engine, belongs to both categories!
The berlina is in exceptionally great shape and has a huge list of upgrades that will be appreciated by the real fans. Why? Because all upgrades add value to the car, without infecting the authenticity of the original version. After all, nothing is as pretty as a natural beauty. Although a little support for mother nature can’t hurt, right?


This Giulia is a genuine Italian. During her first years she stayed in home country la bella Italia. Since 1995, the Alfa is a welcome 'guest' in the Netherlands. The current owner (we offer the car on behalf of the customer) is a huge fan of classics with character, and knows exactly what the beautiful sedan needs: a lot of care, attention and some fine modifications in line with the unsurpassed style of the Italian veteran.


Let’s take the long list of adjustments in chronological order: back in 2015 the gearbox was completely overhauled, followed by the rear axle in 2016. In the same year, the highly experienced Alfa & Lancia connoisseur Gianni La Forgia built a totally revised 1750 power unit in the Giulia. The upgraded 4-cylinder engine in the front is equipped with a hardened crankshaft, a lightweight flywheel, a fast intake camshaft and 1.2.3. ignition.
The carburetors were next in 2017; Arese Classico is responsible for this: a specialist in Italian classics and rally cars with over 35 years of experience. And that’s not all... The suspension was improved by thicker stabilizer bars, yellow Koni shock absorbers and a lowered suspension. In order to cope with all this violence, the brake discs are now ventilated. Speaking of violence: they’ve installed a so-called roar pipe with only 1 damper instead of 3. Because that many cool upgrades just have to be heard loud an clear!

Interior & exterior

On the outside, a number of things changed. Most important is that it has all been done very tastefully; the way an Alfa Romeo should be. The truly brilliant Blu Residential lacquer was applied in April 2018 and is an official Lancia color. As a result, the original Blu Olandese paint disappeared, since it was 'too purple' according to the owner. The highly popular 15 inch Giulia Ti / TZ rims are much loved by unadulterated Alfa enthusiasts. That’s exactly why they are mounted under this awesome Giulia.
The passion for originality can’t be missed inside the Giulia as well. The interior has been completely re-covered in 2016 and contains the original stitching pattern. This also goes for the special added BF Torino front seats. The belts and windshield are new, for a safe and clear view to the road you’re about to hit. Because once the technology comes to life, it’s just you and your perfect looking machine.

Kind regards,
Prins Classics