Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia

1300 Super | 2000cc | GTA replica's | Ti grille | Alfaholics suspension
63.213 km

Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super

Traditional Italian character, topped with today’s tasty sauce: this is the kind of Alfa Romeo 1300 Super the current classic fans like the most! The Alfa includes a beautiful dark red topping, technical excellence and some extremely fine upgrades – on the outside, inside and underneath as well!
In this special case the original 1300 engine has been exchanged for the more powerful 2000 with double Weber carburetors and open air filters. Thanks to this the looks and handling are in perfect harmony. Yum!


The year 1971 had a sparkling start, because on January 1st this Alfa Giulia was provided with its original license plates. The last Italian location where the Romeo among the Alfa's was spotted was somewhere near Lake Como; an image that we would like to keep in our minds as long as possible. In 2018, the Giulia 1300 Super finally distanced itself from home country la bella Italia and moved north to Olanda. The rest is history…


The modern Alfist knows what it takes to dress a classic Alfa Romeo Giulia by contemporary standards. Starting with the lacquer on the bodywork: do you taste a piece of Rosso Monza too? It’s quite a coincidence that this historic color is now also available on the new Giulia. Oh well, a coincidence…
The 1300 Super features super cool 15-inch GTA wheels (replicas), has an Alfaholics Suspension Kit (version B at the front, version A at the back) and yellow Koni dampers that subtly bring the berlina body closer to the asphalt. The Giulia Ti grilles integrated in the headlights and the Quadrifoglio Verde logo in the chrome grille definitely complete the full picture! Bellissima…


The unmistakable, angular Giulia design is pure character. But the interior is built with at least as much “passione”! The cognac-colored upholstery, beautiful wood accents and huge 3-spoke steering wheel provide the unique, cozy atmosphere in the classic Alfa cockpit. What a ride! And the great thing is: every detail remained in superb condition...


Take the Giulia for a spin and the first thing you’ll notice is the lack of 1300 Super power. Because this is going faster. Much faster! After all, the installation of a 2.0 liter engine from the Giulia 2000 isn’t the ‘only thing’ that has been done. Engine mounts, gearbox rubbers, silent bushings; everything was adjusted or replaced to bring the four door legend back to the technical condition it deserves: absolutely perfect.
We can be brief about the handling after Alfaholics' intervention: the Giulia Super really goes through corners like crazy! Suspension, damping, anti-roll bar; it’s all much stabler. We can get used to such a good chassis very quickly of course. And we are guessing so do you… The open air filters ensure that the upgrade sounds just as spectacular as it is. Did anyone happen to book a trip to Lake Como?

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