Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia

1300 Super | Carabinieri | full restauration
106.645 km

Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super Carabinieri

The Italian Carabinieri enforces lots of a respect; how they act, the way they are dressed but also what they drive: nowadays the protectors of the public order are transported in an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Some things never change…
Okay, this absolutely stunning beautiful, for an amount of 30,000 euros (!) fully restored 1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super doesn’t quite have the Giulia Q-power, but what a style icon it is. A classic one! We offer this Romeo on behalf of a diehard Alfa admirer and a loyal Prins customer. Guess what, the 1300 Super isn’t the only Alfa classic in his private collection…

Alfa collection

A Giulia in official Carabinieri trim next to an extremely rare Giulia Giardinetta at Prins? That can’t be a coincidence… Indeed, they belong to one and the same owner: a huge Alfa fan and collector. Like the Giardinetta, the Carabinieri is a top-level collector's item. The story behind it actually makes it even more desirable, because it was the owner’s son who spread the Carabinieri virus at home. The many visits to Italy increased the love for these police cars. This hobby literally took on large proportions, referring to the father adding a 1:1 scale version of the Giulia Carabinieri to the toy collection of his son. Like father, like son…

The restoration

After bringing in an original Moto Guzzi Carabinieri edition, the idea arose to convert a Giulia 1300 Super into a blue/white version with matching stickers and a siren on the roof. That's exactly how it’s done. The adjustments were accompanied by a thorough, 30,000 euros costing restoration (all invoices are included); a process that lasted from 2014 to 2017. The son's passion may have peaked a little too soon, because during the restoration the love for cars and the Carabinieri faded away a little. Saying goodbye to the professionally converted classic wasn’t obvious though, because of its emotional value. But after 3 years of looking at it and occasionally touching it with a cleaning cloth, the time of releasing finally has come. Besides, the fact that the owner has emigrated, doesn’t make watching + cleaning it any easier. Like he says: "It’s time for diehard fan 2.0!"

Interior & exterior

Every detail has been thought through during the restoration. The Alfa Giulia Super Carabinieri has been brought back to new in every single millimeter. The restorers couldn’t have given the Italian beauty more love and attention. The unprecedented passion for the legendary brand and the Italian officers is translated into a unique car with a stunning dark blue body paint, shiny chrome parts and an extremely tasteful amaretto brown interior full of classy elements and instruments. This classic is clearly too good to use for bandits!


The 1300 Super refers its name to the modest 1,290 cc capacity of the 4-cylinder, borrowed from the Alfa GT 1300 Junior Coupe. The addition “Super” certainly is appropriate, thanks to Twin Cam techniques including double carburetors. The total output gained from 78 to 89 hp. The top speed increased with 10 km/h, reaching the 165 km/h. However, it’s mainly the character of this Giulia that we call “Super” with a capital “S”. Dear owner, we think that the next fan will be found soon!

Kind regards,
Prins Classics