Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 T.I. Giardinetta

Dreaming of an Alfa Romeo Giulia station wagon? This is your chance. And trust us: it's a pretty unique one. Only 16 units were made of the classic Alfa Giulia 1600 TI Giardinetta as the estate is officially called. Powered by Carrozzeria Colli, 11 of them got rear windows instead of panels. What makes this car extra unique is the overall original condition: it’s exceptionally beautiful. Responsible for the stunning shape is a renowned American Ferrari and Alfa Romeo specialist. Indeed, this rare piece of art on wheels has seen more of the world. And it’s now exclusively offered for sale on behalf of a loyal Prins customer and collector!

Delivery time

On April 1967, the Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 T.I. Giardinetta was newly delivered in Italy to an American buyer. The citizen of Florence paid 1,570,000 Lire for his Giulia wagon at the time. The Giardinetta is worth every penny and that’s partly because of Alfa Romeo’s strict supervision. The Italian car manufacturer followed the making of this special creation step by step. Apparently Carrozzeria Colli did a great job, since the Giulia combi is a genuine masterpiece. A masterpiece created in Milan!

Family car

After a short side step in 1969, driving the super rare Alfa in Paris, the American owner and his family moved back to the USA in 1970… And brought their special Italian guest called Giulia TI. Once in America, it would take another 2 years before the Alfa was sold to its 2nd owner. But it stayed family property: his son took it to college in Maryland. After he graduated at the University of Baltimore, the son returned home in Connecticut with the Italian beauty by his side. Well, Italian beauty… Some rusty panels needed to be repaired. Since the owner was still looking for a job, he used his spare time to do some temporary repair work. However, just 2 weeks after he finally got a job, the engine failed. He tried, but in the end he didn’t have enough time to replace the head gasket. There wasn’t enough money to go to the garage as well, so the only option was to sell the Giulia 1600. A friend was willing to take it over for $ 500. His brother happened to be an Alfa Romeo specialist in California. How convenient…

Restoration time

But a full restoration required some more experience and expertise. In the late 70s, the Giulia 1600 T.I. came as a project into the hands of Steve Griswold & Co from Berkeley: a well-known restorer and American racing company specialized in Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. In 2006 the Giulia TI Giardinetta crossed the Atlantic once again. Only this time, the purchaser came from Holland: a true fan who didn’t hesitate to bring the Italian classic from California back to Europe. In the years that followed, the Alfa visited various concours and it didn’t remain unseen: the current owner, a loyal Prins customer, took the Giulia over in 2009. We now offer the car on behalf of this incredible enthusiast and car collector, including the original steering wheel (delivered separately). Since the owner lives in another country now, he can no longer offer the classic TI the care and love it deserves. For the same reason, we have already been able to sell several beautiful and exclusive cars on behalf of the customer.


The next owner will have access to 1600 cc of Alfa power with double Weber carburetors, 4 cylinders, 5 gears and a unique packaging. The packaging is called Giulia 1600 TI Giardinetta and is one of the 11 Giulia combis worldwide delivered, not intended for commercial use. If it’s special what you’re looking for, this is your car.

Kind regards,
Prins Classics