What is even more beautiful than a classic Alfa Romeo, with a pure character and a rich history? A copy that is in excellent condition!

This beautiful Alfa Giulia Nuova 1300 was born on October 28, 1977. It would not be long before her beauty was discovered by the first owner. On December 18, 1977 the time had come: the first kilometers were made. In Rome!

In 2007, the Giulia moved to our eastern neighbors, a doctor from Essen, to start a new life in the Netherlands 4 years later. The 3rd owner was an unadulterated Dutch enthusiast, who took care of the beating heart of the Alfa in 2013. The invoices are present. In addition to the engine, the gearbox was also rebuild/reconditioned. In addition, the front and rear suspension were renewed.

However, the appearance of this pure Giulia was not tinkered. The Giallo Piper paint is completely spotless. The bodywork does not contain any rust and the bottom is completely covered. Just like the paintwork, the chrome parts on the car are in immaculate condition.

And then that interior ... At Wim Prins we have seen quite a few Giulia's during the years, but rarely did we meet them with such an incredible net - and also original interior as this one has! The Giulia rarely shows signs of wear. The woodwork, the roof and even the carpet are still completely intact. Just the top part of the rear seats are affected ( probably by the Italian sun) and worn-out at the top (now covered by two period-correct covers). This Alfa is a true delight for the eye. From the inside and the outside!

The Giulia Nuova 1300 therefore has all the facets to make the heart of the pure Alfa enthusiast beat faster, and then take advantage of it. After all, it is a fact: this beautiful Italian grabs you. And the closer you see her, the worse it gets! Experience it yourself. You are welcome!

With kind regards,
Prince Classics