Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Super 1.3
107.397 km

Built in 1973, driven in Southern Italy. This beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1.3 is pure Italian. For this reason alone she’s magnificent, just like her condition!
The car comes directly from the country of origin. It’s clearly visible that the Giulia has had a very smooth youth; she’s taken care of with great passion and a huge amount of love. Visually but also technically, the Alfa remained in perfect shape through all these years.

Interior & exterior

The distinctive, angular styled bodywork is designed by Orazio Satta Puliga. In light gray, the Giulia looks even more elegant than normally. It’s not the first paint that adorns the Alfa. However, it still is the original color! Furthermore, the new paint is extremely skillfully applied. There’s no way you’ll find any imperfections on the body of this Giulia. She’s absolutely ‘perfetto’!
The brilliant chrome on the outside also testifies that this car truly has been cherished during the past 43 years. No to mention the completely original interior! The amaretto brown vinyl leather upholstery is typically Italian: it’s quite tastefully and reveals nothing of her respectable age.
Lots of chrome accents, including on the classy window winders, analog instruments and heater control, contrast beautifully in the brown / black Alfa interior. Moreover, they evoke nothing but nostalgic feelings. Just like the large 3-spoke steering wheel, the toggle switches on the center console and the wood trim on the dashboard. This is what true character looks like!

Background & technology

Also technically the stunning berlina is exactly how she should be. The Giulia feels and reacts just as good as during her early years. Every little detail is right and remained in sublime condition. Driving the 'Super' is like time has stood still, and makes us even long stronger for the 'good old days'... So much style and emotion put in one car; we don’t see that anymore nowadays.
The combination 1.3 in the type designation may refer to the relatively modest engine volume of 1,290 cc, the addition 'Super' covers it all when it comes to driving experience.
Alfa Romeo’s iconic sport sedan was introduced at the Monza circuit on June 27, 1962. A legendary moment, since the model was a big hit from day one. Also as a racing car. It’s notable that, despite its sharp design, the Giulia has a lower air resistance than, for example, the much rounder Porsche 911 at that time. Thanks to the so-called "Kamm tail", with its sloping rear.
It’s one of the many characteristics which make the Giulia so incredibly desirable. Are you ready to fall in love? We look forward to seeing you soon in Holland!

Kind regards,
Prins Classics