Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Super 1600 Bollino Oro
77.280 km

Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Super Blu Cobalto

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Super, built from 1965 to 1972, is by far the most successful Giulia ever. Taking a look at this dark blue, fully restored Italian beauty we can fully understand why!

Condition & History

No matter how or when you see the 1600 Super body, you'll never find any imperfections. Zoom in as far as you want. You'll be surprised by the superb quality and ditto result of the restoration. Every single millimeter.
Responsible for this masterpiece are specialists from Rome. That’s also the place where the Alfa was sold to the second and last owner. The history of the Giulia goes back to June 7, 1973: the moment she was first delivered new to the first client. That happened in Sicily; so the classic sedan never went far away from her home country. The tax coupons in the Italian booklet reveal that the 1600 Super has driven around on the island at least until 1980. We purchased the Alfa directly from Italy, after we heard from her existence through a contact of the former owner.

Interior & exterior

The dark Blu Colbalto lacquer brings out the best in the charismatic sedan. The sporty berlina coach work breathes nothing but cachet and pure sense of style. The 15-inch rims with so-called "telephone gaps” give the Giulia an insanely stunning appearance. This is the kind of car where authentic people with great taste want to be seen in!
And there are more reasons for a big smile on your face. Because once you entered the highly attractive and also perfectly restored interior, there’s no way back. Sitting in the 1600 Super feels like spending time at the best restaurant, housed in an ancient castle. Including the romantic atmosphere from then, only this time with a completely new decoration. As if time has stood still!

Background & technology

The differences with its predecessors, the Giulia TI and 1300, are minimal. But just enough to be more popular than any other version. It’s all about the details; that’s exactly how this impeccable car distinguishes itself from other Giulia's. Actually, the type name says it all: Super.

The figures behind the model name refer to the engine of the Giulia. The 1.6-liter 4-cylinder with double Weber carburettors is one of the reasons why this version was a genuine hit. Indeed, the technology has a background in racing. The 1600 engine was basically responsible for the historical performances of the Giulia TI Super, as a competitor in the European Touring Car Challenge.

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