Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Super | 2000cc | Limited slip diff. | Fully Rally prepared
105.873 km

Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super

Attention to all classic rally drivers: it's time to dust off your helmet, gloves and racing suit. Because the Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super on your screen has been transformed into a hardcore rally car for the die-hard race fan with fast hands and a heavy right foot. We already knew that the Alfa Giulia Rally Edition is quite insane though, since we welcomed her twice before in our showroom. Who wants to challenge the wild Italian instead of tempering it? Now is the time!


Nothing was left to chance to get the Alfa fully race-ready in back 2015. The transformation was completed in collaboration with a great rally specialist who happened to be a good friend of the owner back then. After that, the Giulia 1300 Super actually became a Giulia 2000 Rally. Which is even better than Super.
After a long search, the first Dutch owner couldn’t find a comparable classic, according to his choice to exchange the Giulia in 2018 for a completely different kind of Prins Classic: a Jaguar XK120! The 2nd Dutch owner continued to add the finishing touches technically, but in the end he didn’t drive enough to really use its potential. As a result, the rally monster was recently exchanged for an Aston Martin at Prins Esclusivo.


There’s a lot to tell about the thoroughly modified Alfa. Starting with the basics which are Super with a capital "S". Bodywork and bottom are solid as a rock and the paint is bright blue. Even the 4 Cibié spotlights on the front bumper have had a blue bath. Only the roof differs with a contrasting white color scheme. A nice detail is that the spotlight caps are white as well; it perfectly matches the white striping, logos and other stickers. The sporty 4-door Berlina stands on characteristic GB wheels, giving it an extra cool appearance.


Inside, the changes may be even greater. The Giulia Rally has been approached according to the “less is more” principle: a rear seat, floor carpets and other upholstery on the doors, for example, shine through absence. The alternative is even more impressive: a roller cage, bucket seats including 5-point racing harnesses, a sports steering wheel, intercom and of course lots of diamond plate. Take a good look at the pictures and discover the things we forgot to mention by yourself. We guess it’s still quite a lot…


What’s a rally car without rally car power? The 1300 cc 4-cylinder was exchanged for a revised 2.0 liter engine. Power is nothing without grip: the former owner also replaced various wheel suspension elements. Major maintenance including adjusting valves and a (double) check of all wiring + pipes was perfectly done for the perfect result. Because perfect, that's exactly what this stunning Alfa Giulia Rally is. Do you like perfection?

Kind regards,
Prins Classics

Fire extinguisher
Alloy wheels
locking differential