Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

"Sometimes it's time to move-on and enjoy what life has to offer!" Former owners and unadulterated Alfa fans Fetze and Lucie in their words. They possessed this beautiful 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint for 22 (!) years. And they sure have enjoyed the classic Alfa! Saying goodbye after so many years and adventures was a tough decision, but successor Alfa 4C 1750 TBi put some big smiles on their faces anyway. And so the Giulietta Sprint was left at the holy Prins ground. Looking at the solid overall condition, this beauty could leave us sometime soon again, but will never be left.

History part 1

The love for Alfa is something unique; it will never let you go. No reason to want to though. Take Fetze and Lucie for example, who owned a 1978 Alfa Sud Sprint, 1971 Bertone 1750 GTV and 1969 Fiat 500L since the year 1981. After browsing the newspaper on a Saturday morning in 1998, the Fiat and Alfa Bertone were exchanged on Whit Monday that same year. An advertisement by Nico Aaldering annex “The Gallery” brought the couple a bit closer to their ultimate dream: having an Alfa Giulietta Sprint. Trading in two cars could not prevent clearing out the bank account. You have to do some sacrifices to drive your dream car…

History part 2

A dream car it is: delivered new on May 5, 1960 in Pedua, Italia, before the classic was brought to the Netherlands. The Sprint has always been in good shape, it had a complete engine overhaul in the meantime and is a real driver's car with 5 gears (since 2006). Which means the classic can keep up with modern traffic surprisingly well.
The former owners traveled with it a lot; numerous adventures were experienced with the Alfa in England, Germany, Italy and of course also in their own country. Technically the car has been cherished; even the remaining part of the holiday allowance was spent on maintenance on the way home from Italy. History was written again on King's Day in Holland, 2020: Fetze and Lucie took off with a future classic, the Alfa 4C in Rosso Competizione. It turned out that only this car could separate them from their Sprint.

Design & condition

Naturally, the Alfa Giulietta owes all the love and attention it gets to its charming character. The body curves are extremely graceful. The design has invented the word “timeless”. Its elegance is historical! In short, a genuine style icon. We have given the Rosso Alfa bodywork some new shine by polishing its beauty. The interior is still super sleek and characteristic as well.
Underneath, the condition is of a comparable level: the 1290 cc 4-cylinder Twin Cam engine sounds, smells and feels like you may expect from a classic Alfa Romeo. What an experience! Delivered new on Dutch Liberation Day, purchased on Whit Monday, exchanged on King's Day. Driving this Giulietta Sprint is always something special. That can’t be a coincidence...

Kind regards,
Prins Classics