Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior

We’ve spend the last few months “polishing” the brilliant looks and mechanical parts of this incredibly beautiful 1968 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior. The result of our passion and commitment can be seen on your screen: the classic and ultra-characteristic Alfa GT “Scalino” is just absolutely flawless and completely original at the same time! A unique combination and dangerous cocktail for everyone who fancy’s classic cars. Sorry for that.


Of course, the best beauties are born and raised in Italy. So is this Alfa GT Junior. In fact, we discovered her in Turin: the place where Alfa Romeo’s headquarters are located. Coincidence? Could be. What we do know for sure is that we didn’t find this Romeo in the same neat condition as it is now. Fortunately, our team knows how to handle cars with potential!
The basics weren’t touched though: the body was hard and all original elements were still intact. Yes. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt bringing back a legendary sports coupé its original shine. The same shine when it met the public asphalt on August 27, 1968 for the first time and giving loyal service ever since. A machine like this deserves the shape it got now. It’s as simple as that. The history is unique: the original receipt is included. We also know that the graceful GT was possessed by one and the same Italian family for a long, long time. Apparently they couldn’t say goodbye. We can fully understand why…


Some dream of Rosso, while others prefer green. But whatever the color you like, the impeccable Verde Pino paintwork on the beautiful body of this car just has to be loved by everyone who has a thing for classic cars. The color may not be red, but it’s real Italian. Try to picture yourself driving at Piedmont, with the breathtaking surroundings reflected in the flawless chrome parts and the green bodywork becoming one with the environment. Quite nice, right?
The Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior is full of character with its super cool front, angular roofline and gently sloping shoulders. The car pretty much invented the term grand tourer. No wonder the model is so popular. Especially the “Scalino” version, including its distinctive air slot at the front of the hood - also called “letterbox”, is at the top of many a wish list among the Alfisti. After all, we also had to have it after we first met…


Inside, the Alfa heart of the true fan will beat harder once again. The wood finish on the dashboard combined with cognac brown Skai leather upholstery and an original, ultra-thin 2-spoke steering wheel, make this timeless machine a real collector's item. Various chrome details are like the ultimate finishing touch of something that was already perfect. And still is. The driver runs the risk of drowning in the gorgeous round gauges meters of the minimalistic designed panel which includes all the instruments. Keeping the attention is essential of course! So please do us a favor and take a good look at the Alfa cockpit before taking the Italian charmer for a proper spin…


In addition, the drivetrain deserves all the attention in the world as well: the 4-cylinder engine in the 1300 Junior has a capacity of 1,290 cc to be exact. On top of that it contains double Webers and Twin Cam technology. Since we got involved into the Alfa charms, it runs like it’s still 1968. Believe us, that definitely must have been an extremely good year, because there’s only positive energy in this elegant time machine. Ready to visit Holland?

Kind regards,
Prins Classics