Alfa Romeo GT

Alfa Romeo GT

1300 Junior | Top condition!
Factory Color
127.562 km

Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior

This extraordinary beautiful Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior “Scalino” is newly delivered in la bella Italia and especially addressed to the connoisseurs among the classic fans. After all, this concerns the very popular "postbox" annex “stepnose” version including characteristic slot in the hood. In addition, the mouth-watering color combination is absolutely unique and the history fully documented. The exterior has been restored with lots of love and attention to detail. At the same time, many original parts have remained intact, making this an extremely desirable machine. Please promise us not to pick up the Alfa legend too fast, so we can spend some of the precious time with it as well…


February 28, 1968: Florence (Italy) turns perfectly green without getting any extra plants or trees. After having entertained only 1 owner in its country of birth, the Alfa GT Junior entered the Netherlands in 1999 where the classic Romeo awaited a 2nd life. Literally, because the body was completely rebuild and repainted with the highly original and very unique Verde Muschio lacquer. Each panel has been perfectly fitted for an extra sleek result. Also, the chrome work has been renewed and there are no signs of corrosion at all.
The former (Dutch) owners told us to have spent a couple of really pleasant years in the Alfa Romeo, until they came across their next classic dream car: a Giulietta Sprint. This brings their personal list of possessed classics to a total of 3, starting with a Spider Type 4: the perfect car to let the love for classy Italian beauties grow.


As great as that Giulietta Sprint is, we can fully understand why saying goodbye to the Alfa Romeo GT Junior is so hard. One look at the dark green Verde Muschio bodywork is enough to check the savings on your bank account right away. What. A. Beauty! The chrome core of the original 15-inch wheels matches perfectly with the bumpers, window + door frames. The best part however, is the contrast with the rest of the exterior. From now on, anyone having ambitions to drive green wheels can do it in classic Italian style.


This is typically an Alfa that you prefer to drive with with the windows open as much as possible. Not so much because an air-conditioning is missing, but the Tan leather interior is so tasteful that it simply has to be seen. Especially in combination with the dark green exterior, of course. The many original details shouldn’t be overlooked either: inside there’s a wooden dashboard, 2-spoke steering wheel, chromed ashtray and the speakers are from Philips. If this was a time machine, we would definitely choose to be thrown back to the 60s. Yes, it’s that good!


The Alfa GT “Scalino” literally gasps for air with its well-known "postbox" in the hood. Underneath lies a 1,290 cc Twin Cam lightweight engine. Note: this is the correct 1300 version, including double Weber carburetors. After 52 years the aluminum 4-cylinder is still going strong and that’s exactly how it sounds too: full of character. Another reason to lower your windows right away!

Kind regards,
Prins Classics