Alfa Romeo GT

Alfa Romeo GT

1300 Junior
Factory Color
78.080 km

Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior

It’s hard to not constantly lay your eyes on this stunning 1970 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior. And yet you want to get behind the wheel as fast as possible. Because this “scalino” version is a true beauty, without being too clean to drive it. Looking at a technical condition that’s absolutely brilliant, nothing stands in your way to use the Alfa GT Junior where it’s been made for: pure driving pleasure.


Prins brought the Alfa GT Junior to the Netherlands in 2016 himself. The classic was found in southern Italy. The bodywork was hard and the shape completely original - including wheels and steering wheel. After being handled by our professionals, the technique was back into the condition it deserves . Bodywork and lacquer were already just fine. We sold the Alfa to a Belgian in the same year we found it, who had “lots of fun with the car." Driving pleasure got better and better as he made various adjustments to it.

Interior & exterior

Diehard fans certainly noticed the new 14-inch Maxilite GTA wheels. The original ones are also present though. Just like the original 2-spoke steering wheel, which was traded for a Personal Alfa Romeo 3-spoke version. The Rosso Alfa paintwork contributes to a mouth-watering appearance. The popular “scalino” version is characterized by the opening right in front of the bonnet. Inside there’s Nero Skai leather and lots of classic Italian romance.


This 1300 is equipped with a 1,290 cc 4-cylinder Twin Cam engine. The previous owner had the head gasket replaced and the cylinder head flattened, the carburetors have been overhauled and various suspension parts were renewed – including the shock absorbers, stabilizer arms and Silentblocks. Enough talking. Let’s start driving!

Kind regards,
Prins Classics