Alfa Romeo GT

Alfa Romeo GT

1750 Veloce
101.170 km

Alfa Romeo GT 1750 Veloce

This isn’t the first Italian residing in Holland. However, the fact its owner is too, makes the story behind this Alfa Romeo GT 1750 Veloce even more special. Indeed, we sell the classic beauty at the request of the current owner: a born and raised Italian who has added some extra flavor to the Dutch roads since 2002. After all, this restored Alfa GTV is one fine machine, made in Italy.

History & condition

The Romeo among the GTs was put on the public roads on June 30, 1968 for the first time. The current owner has been loyal to its pride on wheels for over 20 years. Why stop now? Simple: a lack of space forces the Italian Dutchman to make his private collection a little bit smaller.
25 Years ago, before the GT Veloce came into the hands of its biggest fan, the classic was restored. From that moment the GTV is always been perfectly stored, resulting in a solid body with no rust. The bodywork still has some beauty flaws though. Technically, the Alfa Romeo is perfectly fine, which has been confirmed by the many tours the owner joined the last few years. Of course he did.

Exterior & design

The Alfa Romeo 105/115 series coupés was one of the first mega-projects of legendary designer Giorgetto Giugiaro - at the time employed by Bertone, and immediately resulted in a magnificent masterpiece. With its elegant lines, powerful appearance, outstanding proportions and many charismatic details, Giugiaro set the base for a huge success.
The silver exterior of this model accentuates the "born classic" nature of the smooth GT. Both lacquer and bodywork isn’t concours quality material, but offer enough cachet to simply cover this up in style.

Interior & technique

Getting into the Alfa GT 1750 Veloce cockpit feels like stepping into a time machine. The door panels are nicely reupholstered. Seats and dashboard are still in completely original condition and show a nice dose of patina. The sympathy of this Italian masterpiece is really catchy, so the burst on top of the dashboard will soon be forgiven. Besides, this isn’t the first Southern European classic having that kind of a damage, due to the heat.
No complaints about the technical part. The character of the 1779 cc 4-cylinder Twin Cam delivering 120 hp (12 horses more than the "standard" GT Veloce) is a thrilling machine. The characteristic sound takes you back to days gone by. Days that every enthusiast wants to relive. This Alfa Romeo makes it possible. Discover it now at Prins Classics.

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