Alfa Romeo GTV

Alfa Romeo GTV

2000 | 19.640 km !
19.640 km

Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

No, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes. This 39-year-old Alfa Romeo 'Alfetta' GTV 2000 has only driven 19,640 kilometers. This explains the miraculous condition of the enchantingly beautiful Italian for the biggest part. That also goes for the technique; the last time we took place in such a brilliantly driving Alfetta GTV was at least 30 years ago.

History & Condition

The extremely low mileage deserves an explanation of course. Back in 1978, the Italian classic was delivered new in Germany. Unfortunately, the first owner couldn’t enjoy the excellent driving characters of his Alfa for a very long time. Because only one year later, he was involved in a traffic accident. Someone has hit the GTV from the back and damaged it.
The man who was responsible wasn’t insured, which caused a lot of hassle. Eventually, the Alfa – including the damage - ended up in the owner’s barn, with the intention to repair it. He made a start, but never finished his project. In 2006, a car advertisement appeared on eBay, placed by the children of the currently deceased 1st owner. There was a text, saying: "Offered: partly disassembled Alfa GTV 2000 with only 19,000 km."
Barely kilometers were added over the last 11 years. And this too has a reason. The 2nd owner, who bought the car with the best intentions, didn’t need much time to realize that he didn’t have the knowledge, resources and time to do the kind of restoration the rare GTV deserved. A Dutch collector took advantage and added the project to his collection. In 2010, the project finally made it to the next step, as the repaired bodywork was smoothed and got a new paint job. The same color of course. But that was it.
One year later, the same collector knocked on our door; he decided to sell a large part of his Alfa collection. Including a 164 Q4, Alfasud Ti, an absolutely stunning Giulietta and an unfinished project: the GTV 2000. All of them found a new owner. The GTV as well. Our colleague Anton decided to bring back the brilliance in the Italian coupé. Thanks to him, the classic finally got the attention it needed all those years. The Alfa was fully restored, and has been in this outstandingly beautiful condition ever since. No GTV 2000 that will come near to this one, regarding its fantastic shape. Inside and outside. A pretty logical thing though, looking at its mileage.

Interior & Exterior

The interior is like a time machine. You would think that you ended up in the 70s; it’s that good! The dashboard is completely original and intact. Even the factory built-in air conditioning works as it should! The body lacquer is a very special one too. This all makes the 'Alfetta' the best of the best classic GTV’s which is out there and currently available. Only the Ronal A1's (aka phone discs) were mounted by Anton afterwards. But we guess the real fans don’t mind this at all... See you soon in the Netherlands?

Kind regards,
Prins Classics