Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

A perfectly restored 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Bertone! From the inside, outside and also underneath it’s absolutely exquisite within detail. The restoration began back in 2018 with the main focus: giving the Alfa its original brilliance back. Many thousands of euros were spend to make the Italian beauty as beautiful as it is today. Only 208 kilometers have been driven with the car ever since. In short, you’re looking at a classic Alfa GTV 2000 which is as good as new. Or maybe even better?


It took a while before the Romeo among the GTVs discovered the Netherlands: in 1999 we welcomed the Alfa with open arms. It’s obvious that we want it to stay. However, wherever the GT Veloce ends up, it will always have great memories of Holland. Especially because this is the place where the classic coupe was reborn. The costs? 17,800 euros in parts. A complete body-off restoration and paint job for 11,945 euros. The engine overhaul cost an additional 3,500 euros and the transmission was partially overhauled for another 600 euros. All electricity has been renewed or replaced – including the wiring, but also the engine starter and alternator. The reupholstered interior with black Skai leather is the ultimate finishing touch, just like the original had. Why would someone sell something this beautiful, you might think? In one word: Stelvio...

Interior & exterior

Talking about the new interior: it deserves a lot of attention in many ways, because it looks incredibly gorgeous. There’s the characteristic 3-spoke wooden steering wheel, all the chrome parts, original buttons, switches and other distinctive instruments. Every part looks like new! The Alfa GTV 2000 Bertone sure drives the same way too. Anyway, we still advise you to get out every once and a while. Because every well-used GT Veloce is a fabulous attraction to car enthusiasts of almost any generation. This one however, reflects the stunning Bertone design in a perfect way. Not to mention the color: Rosso Alfa. The perfect suit for the perfect classic. Paintwork, bodywork, chrome parts; every tiny detail is flawless. We can’t keep our eyes off it!


Could the story possibly get any better? Yes, if you decide to really use the Alfa Romeo. The 4-cylinder Twin Cam engine has an output of 130 hp which, thanks to a professional technical treatment, feels like brand new. ‘2000’ in GTV 2000 obviously refers to the engine displacement, but as far as we’re concerned, it deserves that many points on a scale from 1 to 10. A bit too much? Please come visit us and see for yourself…

Cordiali Saluti,
Prins Classics