Alfa Romeo GTV

Alfa Romeo GTV

2000 | Unique story | Perfect condition!
Factory Color
114.581 km

Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Verde Muschio Chiaro
This unique, original Dutch ’72 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 with matching numbers, requires a big Alfa-heart, as it belongs to the exceptional ‘one of a kind’ category. And there are plenty of reasons why…


During the first 44 years that this gorgeously piece of art made our world a little bit more beautiful, the Alfa was in possession of only one owner!
Their unique story began in 1972, as the owner was offered a generous travel allowance from his boss that year. The consideration? Taking a flight two times a week to Marseille for several months. We can imagine worse things...
Still, car fanatic as he was (and is), he did a counteroffer towards his boss. He wanted to use the submitted travel money to purchase a vehicle with more style than any other vehicle: an Alfa Romeo GTV 2000. Indeed, the man preferred driving twice a week for hours, all the way from the Netherlands to Marseille and back, instead of a few short round trips by plane. Well, you're a diehard fan or you’re not...
Meanwhile the car and its owner got a really strong connection. The many, time-consuming journeys were experienced by the owner as supreme pleasure for a long time. Until he became so devoted to his Alfa, he stalled the car as a precaution. He only drove his Italian beauty on occasion ever since.


The result is that the GTV 2000 really is in superb condition. And perhaps even more important: everything is original! The tough body, the dazzling Verde Muschio Verde Chiaro paint (the most beautiful green color that we’ve ever seen!) and the perfectly clean interior. Only the driver's seat has been newly coated, but yet in the original way, including the super flavorful cognac complexion.
Furthermore, the front passenger seat and rear seats are immaculate, the splendid designed dashboard is intact and the headlining very neat. In short, this car is an extremely punctual maintained, great steering GTV with a rare history and lots of emotion.
A magnificent piece of engineering, topped with a load of Italian charm. And the best news is yet to come: it’s is for sale! The wonderful memories will always be kept by the former owner; it’s impossible for us to sell those. However, the more you will be motivated to create new memories…

Design & technology

The GTV 2000 is based on the legendary Alfa Romeo 105/115 Series Coupés, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. The badge says it all: with its 2000 cc engine capacity, the GTV was among the more powerful versions of Alfa's successful model.
The 105/115 Series Coupés were one of the first major projects of coachbuilder Bertone. The Italian designer is a worldwide renown ever since. We can understand why ...
The 2-door Gran Turismo Veloce ('Veloce' means 'fast') was built from 1971 to 1976 and distinguished itself from its brothers technically, but also optically. As a matter of fact, the GTV had numerous of outer (and inner) modifications. Very recognizable though is the modified front: it contains a striking chrome grille with horizontal bars.
This and much more can be experienced in our Classics showroom in the Netherlands: the place where you can find out how it feels like to behold 44 years of natural beauty by your very own. This truly is the greatest treasure you will ever meet. That’s a promise we make with pride. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Cordiali Saluti,
Prins Classics