Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

For a moment we had doubts whether we would write a story about this charming Alfa Romeo GTV 2000. The car is definitely worth it, but the current owner (he still is) has so much Alfa GTV blood running through his veins at full speed (we suspect in the color Faggio) that we’re confident that nobody can sell the car better than he can. Yet we were given the opportunity to give it a try. A great honor.
The classic on your screen is technically in excellent condition and has all the charms you might expect from a 48 year old Italian beauty. Also, there’s quite a bit of history, collected by its biggest fan: the current owner. All the ingredients to get a huge smile on your face during a nice, smooth ride are included. Guess who’s willing to confirm this fact…

History & condition

The GT Veloce has been an unparalleled attraction for classic fans for decades. The 2-door coupe can count on a lot of sympathy from experts but also nonexperts. This specific one can’t complain about a lack of popularity too. The current owner has pampered the car after it was thoroughly maintained. As a result, the Alfa is pretty enough to look at for hours, but at the same time it invites you to give it a go without the fear to harm it, as it misses the concours winning shape.
It’s July 26, 1972 when the GTV leaves the Alfa factory in Arese for an exciting life in Verona, where the car was sold only one week later. The included history confirms matching numbers and colors, as well as the fact that this “Romeo” has been in Dutch hands since December 29, 1986. The most recent buyer, a "very lucky" one according to himself, discovered the Italian beauty on November 12, 2014 at a classic specialist in the south of the Netherlands and immediately fell in love with his "il Duce". A nickname that has been picked carefully, looking at the operations the Alfa underwent to become a better version of itself. German specialists made the floor and spare wheel space solid again. Applied Lokari inner wheel arches and a Perma film soil treatment did a good job too.

Interior/exterior & technique

Auto Berlina used of all of its 40 years of experience for the engine overhaul; the GTV feels that much alive and full of character. Various electronics, the alternator, fuel tank, brakes, drive shaft, seals, bearings, trunk closure, window handles, window strips and interior lighting were all renewed, improved or replaced. The owner drove through whole the country, from specialist to dealer, to score the required, original parts. With success: apart from the (deliciously sounding!) roaring exhaust pipe, this classic is entirely GTV.
The Alfa GTV has stylish Indianapolis rims and a really cool Faggio paintwork. The color intensity depends on the way the light falls on the car. Truly magnificent. The Nero leather interior is in good condition and looks like the definition of vintage style: the giant 3-spoke wooden steering wheel, the deep-set instruments; this is definitely a classic to drive with! The 4-cylinder Twin Cam delivers 130 exciting horses. So if you have any plans to talk, we strongly recommend you to do it fast.

Cordiali Saluti,
Prins Classics