Alfa Romeo GTV6

Alfa Romeo GTV6

2.5 V6 | 1st owner | top condition
104.864 km

Alfa Romeo GTV6

A very special legacy. This stunningly beautiful Alfa Romeo GTV6, newly delivered in 1982 at a former dealership in Amsterdam, is like the ultimate magnet for classic Alfa fans. After 36 years, the (Dutch) owner has remained the same. Unfortunately he’s no longer able to be part of the sale of his classic ownership. His brother, who has watched over the Alfa since 2006, luckily is.


Almost every exciting car enthusiast recognizes the typical GTV6 design straight away. The sleek, angular side view with the sloping roofline and stretched rear side windows, is totally different from any other car. Many times the Alfa was called 'Fastback coupé'. However, we prefer to name the amazing Giorgetto Giugiaro creation 'bellissima'.
This unique GTV6 in particular is a work of art. The paintwork is in excellent condition and has no beauty errors at all. The fact that the anthracite paint has been resprayed in the past, should not spoil the fun. In return you get a magnificent car with no rust and perfect fitting parts.


Get in and you’ll feel like taking place in a unadulterated time machine. One with great style, of course. For example, pay attention to the authentic wooden steering wheel and gear knob, a whole battery of analog meters and a tasteful beige leather upholstery, from seats to roof sky and door panels. Some leather parts are once redone. But wow, the result really pays off.
For the first time in history, it’s worth looking back when you get behind the wheel of a beauty like this. Because that’s where you’ll find genuine relax chairs rather than a sofa. Those who sit on it also have a unique panoramic view, thanks to an amount of glass todays cars cannot match. Not even close.


The characteristic technique of the 'Alfetta' is fine as well. When the smooth 2.5-liter 6-cylinder comes to life, the gasoline spontaneously starts running fast through our veins. This brilliant 2+2 is the real reason why people like you and us like to stick to ancient traditions. Just think about it: name one modern car that can compete to all this Italian charisma. That’s exactly what we thought.
For the sake of completeness, the original documentation is included too, especially for those who won’t ever get enough of chasing nostalgic feelings and childhood dreams. Sure, we confess: we have also browsed the booklets several times...

Cordiali Saluti,
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Electric front windows
Leather furnishing
Alloy wheels