Alfa Romeo GTV6

Alfa Romeo GTV6

2.5 V6
Factory Color
117.095 km

In original condition, with a stunning design, a superb shape, a demonstrable history and a delicious authentic character; just some features about this unique 1986 Alfa Romeo “Alfetta” GTV6!


The former owner was located in the Netherlands, but before this beautiful Alfa came into Dutch hands, she shined daily in the Spanish sun. The car was delivered new in a town called Ourense, just above Portugal, as you can see in the enclosed documentation.
However, it doesn’t matter how wonderful the southern European scenery is, it just faded when this red glow “GTV6” came into action. Looking at the phenomenal appearance of the Alfa explains about everything.


The Rosso Alfa paintwork shimmers from every angle when the flamboyant styled bodywork shows up in full glory. The eccentric designed fastback coupé is has been shaped by the famous Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. Poured into the legendary red Alfa sauce, no one can stand the magic around the GTV6!
The fact that the welds are undetectable, gives you the assurance that the car never had any severe damages or rust. It’s the ultimate proof that, after all years, the pure beauty remained intact!
Also intact is the body color, in terms of shade, and partly in terms of paintwork. Some parts are repainted. It’s clearly visible that this has been done by real professionals. There’s no way you’ll discover any imperfections. Nor the use of filler. The bodywork looks very clean, neat and elegant.


The same goes for the interior of the GTV6: there are no missing parts and it all looks very decent. It’s almost like you’re opening an Alfa brochure back in the 80s!
Speaking of which: the series of 6 analog clocks on the dashboard is typical 80s style. As well as the 'open' headrests and beige upholstery. A brilliant time machine, since it gives you the feeling that time has stood still!


That kind of feeling remains when the key goes in the ignition and the engine comes to life. The model name says it all: under the hood you’ll find a lovely V6. Engine and coachwork appear to be made for each other. Much better than in the berlina version, the Alfa 6, the 2.5-liter 6-cylinder really comes into its own in the Gran Turismo.
No coincidence that the 2+2 coupé wrote history in motorsport by winning several titles in the Touring Car Championship as well as in the World Rally Championship. Are you ready to experience this mythical driving legend by yourself? You are welcome to visit our showroom in the Netherlands!

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Tinted glass
Alloy wheels