Alfa Romeo Montreal

Alfa Romeo Montreal

Factory Color
46.604 km

A stunningly beautiful Alfa Romeo Montreal with great technique and a soul full of fire! The first time this Italian thoroughbred showed her characteristic temper to the world was in 1972. It would take another 26 years before the thrilling coupe set foot on the ground in the Netherlands.
Former Alfa Romeo dealer Sam van Lingen imported the Montreal directly from her home country and awarded her a second life under the authority of a car collector from a Dutch province called Friesland. This was also the owner of whom we bought the classic sports coupe.


The mythical styled coachwork is hard and original. We’ve handled the body with maximum care, to provide the Montreal with the brilliance she deserves. As a result the Alfa-red is just as intense as 45 years ago!
Also technically the Montreal is very solid. The overall condition under the hood is as pretty and attractive as the exterior design. After all, you’re looking at a marvelous machine, made out of pure passion for true splendor.


The Montreal is artistically one of the most successful creations that famous top designer Marcello Gandini has ever made. Employed by the legendary design firm Bertone at that time, Marcello gave the sporty Alfa an extremely elegant look.
The bright red lacquer certainly has a big impact, but also distinctive details like the “bars” in front of the headlights and sharply styled rear end give the Montreal a unique appearance. The air intakes right behind the doors and integrated "NACA" air duct in the hood are black, and fit the red bodywork surprisingly well. This is nostalgia in the purest meaning of the word!


The black-red combination also found its way into the sleek cockpit of the Montreal. The dashboard, seats, door trim and rear deck are all black. The red center tunnel and carpets reflect the pleasant and warm ambiance inside the Alfa. Various chrome accents on the doors and dashboard, the large three-spoke wooden steering wheel, double round counters and numerous of other stylistic features contribute to the typical nostalgic feeling in the 2+2 interior as well.
This unique car clearly shows in every way she has been composed with true affection for aesthetics and craft. Therefore the Montreal can simply be considered as an unadulterated style icon! The (only) question you should ask yourself before you decide to pay a visit to our Classics showroom in the Netherlands is: how much style can you tolerate?

Kind regards,
Prins Classics