Alfa Romeo Spider

Alfa Romeo Spider

2.0 IE | only 4048km !
Factory Color
4.048 km

Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 IE

26 years old and yet brand new! How is that even possible? Simple: this absolutely unique Alfa Romeo Spider Type 4 left the factory back in 1992, and has only driven 4,048 (!) kilometers ever since... Impressive? The story gets even better: during its first years this Italian beauty was the official show car by Alfa Romeo. That many eyes on the bright red roadster during events all over the globe, and yet so little ‘experienced’ on the road. Lucky for you, it turns out that it’s very attractive in this particular case…


With 4,048 kilometers of driving experience, you might think there isn’t much to tell about the history of the car. Wrong! Originally the Alfa Spider 2.0 IE was delivered new in Cerignola, Italy. After stealing numerous of shows, the special Spider came into the hands of an Alfa Romeo dealer. Then already, the modest mileage was seen as something unique. And it remained that way, by using the car mainly as an attraction to look at.
Eventually the collector's item was discovered by a Dutch collector; a highly appreciated Prins Classics customer nowadays. He took over the Type 4 with just 3,700 kilometers on the clock! In the years that followed, no more than 348 kilometers were added. Why would you let go of something so special? Good question. The current owner will soon leave the Netherlands, and has asked us to watch over his unique collection of cars that are left behind, of which this Spider is also part. Keeping the car sounds great, but using it is even more fun. That’s why we got permission to offer this collector's item, in the hope that the next owner will enjoy it as much as his predecessor did in the past. The Alfa simply deserves it! And we think the next buyer too.

Interior & exterior

Whether the Type 4 is ‘the last real Spider’ we can’t say. However, for sure it’s the last one based on the original 1966 concept. Which explains the charismatic appearance for most of the part. Although we are very fond of the modern interpretation of the model too, referring to the bumpers and mirrors in bodywork color and prettier rear light units. Indeed, famous designer Pininfarina clearly showed his artistic side. Again.
The Rosso Alfa lacquer on this specific Spider is (how can it not be) absolutely flawless. The Beige leather interior is completely spotless as well. Every switch, hinge and any other tiny detail is all-new. You’re looking at the ultimate time machine here!


Of course, the technique cannot be forgotten. The 2.0 liter Twin Cam engine is hardly been used, which you will notice immediately in a positive way. Accelerating, steering and braking does the Alfa as if these are its first (kilo)meters. The truth isn’t that far away of course... Who dares to come over and have a taste of this 26 year old novelty? Looking forward to seeing you in the Netherlands!

Cordiali Saluti,
Prins Classics

Electric front windows
Tinted heat-resistant glass
Alloy wheels
Power steering