Alfa Romeo Spider

Alfa Romeo Spider

2.0 | Perfect condition!
106.828 km

Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0

The purest 3rd generation Alfa Romeo Spider you might have ever seen? This snow-white 2.0! The beautiful bright bodywork was repainted recently. That makes the Alfa Spider immaculate on the outside, but what about the inside? More good news: the Nero leather seats have been reupholstered not long ago. The Italian pearl on your screen isn’t originally Dutch, but since the Sales Manager of Alfa Romeo Netherlands at that moment imported the Spider in 1997, the history of the car must be according to Dutch standards. Indeed: technically this Alfa is completely correct. Moreover, the tight roadster is solid as a rock!


Only Pininfarina is able to sketch a design of a sports car that will last for decades. Here’s the perfect example: the first generation of the Alfa Spider (called the Duetto) was introduced back in 1966. We have number 3 – nicknamed ‘Aerodinamica’ – of a total of 4 generations in stock. Type 4 lasted until 1993. The specific Spider we offer was delivered new in 1988 and differs from its predecessors due to the aerodynamics at the back of the car. In contrast to others, the rear spoiler on this one is body-colored. Other details are as in the old days: a stunning pointy nose with characteristic round headlights, a highly attractive bodywork with sloping lines and relatively short doors including classic chrome door handles. In white, the natural beauty called Alfa Spider is shown to its full advantage. What a splendor!


The real Alfa feeling is also guaranteed behind the wheel. From the distinctive air vents to the minimalist instruments, the high-positioned gear shift and the chrome-plated window cranks; in this Spider the true fan immediately feels at home. The Nero leather interior is in a gorgeous shape; in terms of color, the contrast with the exterior cannot be greater. But the overall condition is in perfect harmony. Roof down, time to hit the road!


The front positioned 2.0 liter Twin Cam may be the best sounding 4-cylinder engine we've ever heard. In that respect, sound and technical condition are a 100% match. What a character the 126 horses show! Those who operate the right pedal can experience for themselves that all 126 are still as lively as 32 years ago. The Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 accelerates excellently, but more importantly: the pure roadster feel pops up faster than you could ever imagine. This is the kind of experience you dreamed about. Time to wake up! Nothing about the pretty Alfa Spider that will stop you from purchasing it.

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