Alfa Romeo Spider

Alfa Romeo Spider

2000 Veloce
Factory Color
86.724 km

Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 Veloce Rosso Alfa (English version)

Original Dutch. Original Alfa colors. The original roadster feeling. This 2nd generation Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 Veloce is the only reason not to buy the original. After all, the beautiful two-seater has been technically fully overhauled, got a brand new Rosso Alfa paint and above all: is wonderfully pure. This is how a classic open sports car is supposed to be! Another fact to point-out: the car was build in 1972, which allows it to participate in a lot of classic events.


The mouthwatering already starts when you set your eyes on the classy bodywork, designed by the Pininfarina studio. The Spider is a one of a kind car. Of course we are devoted to the first model, the Duetto. But his successor, the Spider "Coda Tronca", has set the base for many following generations. It’s natural too: with its “straightened tail”, this Spider was way ahead of its time. At the same time, the model is lots of timeless classic elements that always do well in the eyes of the genuine fans.
For example, pay attention to the round headlights including plastic covers. And how about the 5-spoke wheels with distinctive "star" design. Numerous chrome details, such as the windscreen frame, bumpers, mirrors and door handles, add a chic contrast to the bright red bodywork. The repainted Rosso Alfa lacquer is in excellent condition and gives the Spider the original shine it deserves. Original, early Dutch license plates are the icing on the cake for fans from Holland.


The Alfa Spider interior is in good shape as well. It’s the perfect combination of neat elegance and nostalgic vintage style. Delicate and authentic, without being too "rusty". The Nero cockpit gives you the feeling you need to get in real urgent, take a seat, grab the characteristic wooden 3-spoke steering wheel, put the wooden gear shift (with legendary Alfa logo) in its first gear and floor the right pedal. The round instruments and chrome-rimmed gauges strengthens the pure driving experience the 2-seater open Alfa is known for. What an awesome machine!


Parallel to the looks of this sporty Spider, you see the needle of the tachometer and speedometer go up remarkably smooth as soon as you hit the throttle. The lightweight roadster has 128 hp to use on the rear wheels. So the addition "Veloce" in the type designation of the 2.0 liter 4-cylinder Alfa is completely justified. It’s not like you have no competition at all, but the Spider 2000 is certainly quick. Even to current standards. And the most important thing: it feels and sounds like all 128 horses are still super alert. Next spring can’t come fast enough!

Cordiali Saluti,
Prince Classics.