Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 Veloce

The past few months we’ve been strongly requested to live extremely careful, but now is the time you enjoy the beautiful things in life too! Looking at this 1977 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 Veloce, the true fan will long for a hot summer more than ever. The car is ready for it! This Spider is perfect in terms of interior and technique, and really fine when it comes to the exterior condition. But not too splendid to drive, if you know what we mean…


Coming up with a worthy successor for an unadulterated beauty like the 1966 Alfa Duetto isn’t easy. But if there’s anyone who can do this, it’s Pininfarina. The Alfa Spider evolved with the “Coda Tronca” version: it set the base for many Spiders that followed. The open 2-seater is a born classic; the timeless silhouette and many authentic details lasted several generations and still amaze many youngsters as well.
This 2000 Veloce version has a Belgian background. About 5 years ago, the Spider came into the hands of a Belgium fan, who was so “busy” enjoying his Alfa, that he didn’t have a look at the history. That’s why we can’t go much deeper than 5 years in history as well. We do know though that the car was originally delivered in the US and later converted to EU specifications. After many enjoyable kilometers with the Spider, the former owner visited Holland. He came across an advertisement of Prins, containing a beautiful Alfa GTV6: his ultimate dream car…

This Italian bella is certainly a dream car too. The design, the charms, the overall great condition; the Alfa Romeo Spider on your screen has it all. Sooner or later experts will discover that it’s not a concours winner, but nevertheless it looks good! Good enough to steal the show elsewhere. During a tour on the public road for example...
We completely sanded and polished the timeless silver lacquer to remove any unwanted structures. Furthermore we’ve optimized and repainted the rear, including the boot lid. The soft-top is in perfect shape! However, we strongly advise you: lower the roof as much as possible. Roadster owners know why.


Even more gorgeous than the exterior is the interior. The leather upholstery, dashboard, door panels; it’s all immaculate! There’s no way you’ll find any cracks in here. The characteristic 3-spoke wooden steering wheel looks almost untouched, but begs to be held. A genuine driver's car, cared for with love. That’s for sure.


This specific 2000 Veloce drives brilliantly. The 2.0 liter 4-cylinder with 128 hp is still very brisk and that’s exactly how it sounds too! Open air filters on the Weber carburetors underline the wonderful melodies of the Alfa Nord engine. Shifting and braking is a real pleasure in the classic roadster. The brake calipers have recently been replaced by ourselves.
It’s clear: this Alfa Romeo Spider is all about having fun. Don’t we all secretly want that?

Cordiali Saluti,
Prins Classics