Alfa Romeo Sprint

Alfa Romeo Sprint

1.5 QV Grand Prix | 1st owner | Dutch | Top condition
Factory Color
118.558 km

Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint 1.5 QV Grand Prix

Experience the 80's at its best in the showroom of Prins Classics! This super special Alfasud Sprint 1.5 is like the rebirth of the Italian classic. The compact sportscar is original Dutch delivered, in superb condition and serviced by an official Alfa dealer. On paper the car has had only two owners, but we know it was actually just one!
The fact it’s a Quadrifoglio Verde version makes it entirely complete, you might think. This is partly true. Because the addition 'Grand Prix' makes it even more special than special. As a fine plate, Italian prepared pasta pesto. Only in this case finished with Rosso sauce so tasteful, that the plate is empty in a record time. In short, the characteristic coupé is a real winner.

History & technology
In 1986, Auto Leeda in The Hague was given the great honor to deliver the unique Sprint to its first owner. Until 1995, the (gentle)man in question frequently used his red thoroughbred. The dealer took care of the maintenance neatly during that period. This changed at a mileage of 110,000: the moment that the Alfasud was hardly driven, as it became even more interesting as a classic. Because where do you find cars like these, in a condition like this?
In 2017, the Sprint was in possession of a Belgian trader briefly, but we personally made sure that the Alfa returned to its nest in the Netherlands in no time. The car even has the original license plates back again! The last service the 105 hp 4-cylinder boxer has had, was in March 2018. Distribution, spark plugs, filters and fluids were renewed. The presence of the maintenance booklet, the invoices and the original brochure, make the QV GP more complete than many classic enthusiasts dare to dream of.

Interior & exterior
80’s equals “straighties” in the automotive industry. Car factories introduced the “angular” generation, known for their clean lines, right angles and lack of graceful curves. Many icons originate from the 80s. And that’s no coincidence. After all, straight means tough. The Alfasud Sprint belongs to a rare species: it’s a real men's car, just like the Lancia Delta Integrale, for example. Indeed: also a first-class road legend.
The similarity between the two Italians are straightforward: pay attention to the double round headlights (okay, so there’s still something round, next to the tires and steering wheel), optically being part of the grille which is as wide as the car itself. Typically for the Sprint, on the other hand, is the gently sloping roof line. The Grand Prix can exclusively be recognized by an adjusted front, side sill extensions and a rear spoiler. Characteristic rims, striping and a wooden 3-spoke steering wheel in the (also) highly neat interior, increase the longing for reliving good old times. Fortunately for you this time machine is for sale. Only the environment outside the car requires some imagination to imagine you’re reliving the year 1986. See you soon in Holland?

Kind regards,
Prins Classics

Rear windscreen washer & wiper
Rear spoiler
Alloy wheels
Metal color
Fog lights