Alfa Romeo SZ

Alfa Romeo SZ

| Zagato Nr.16 | Dutch delivered | Collectors car!
Factory Color
23.680 km

Alfa Romeo SZ

A truly magnificent offer in terms of beauty and rarity: an Alfa Romeo SZ Sprint Zagato, the first one that was originally delivered in the Netherlands! Perfectly maintained by 2 owners, cherished by real enthusiasts, parked exclusively in a dry and warm environment and brought out for only 23,680 kilometers of pure pleasure. Could it get any better than this? Read the full story and decide yourself.

History & design

The Alfa Romeo SZ was built between 1989-1993 and is the result of a collaboration between Alfa Romeo and another Italian legend: Zagato. What started as an experiment by the famous designer ended in a limited production run of "il mostro" based on Alfa's 75 technique. Its nickname "the monster" refers to the compact proportions of the strikingly stylized sports car, due to the shortened wheelbase. But also to the revolutionary design and the strongly different looks compared to other Alfas from that time. The original plan was to build 1,000 SZs, but eventually that number was a little bit higher. In contrast to the convertible version, the RZ Roadster Zagato, of which fewer than the planned 350 units have been built.
This specific SZ is number 16, the first to be officially delivered in the Netherlands! The iconic classic changed only once from owner, in 2002, after it came into the hands of a Dutchman having a mileage of 8,000. In the past 19 years, he added a modest 15,000 kilometers to it. The Sprint Zagato has turned out to be an interesting investment: the price in 1990 for a new one was less than it is after 29 years driving it.

Power & technique

The official valuation report is included, as well as the maintenance history. Here you can read, among other things, that the SZ with 3.0 liter V6 got major service at Prins in April 2019, which costed 2,200 euros. Various parts have been professionally replaced. Talking about parts: also included is a unique and highly rare (numbered) parts book. Number 16/1000, 234 pages thick, with explanation in 5 different languages and delivered in a special box.
Such details make this Italian masterpiece an even more much wanted collector's item than it already is. Add to that the impeccable condition of, for instance, the Alfa-red paintwork, the uncompromising sporty DNA of the coupe plus the characteristic lines designed by Zagato, and it’s guaranteed that saying goodbye to this car is going to be tough. Really tough. Well, as long as we are 100% sure that this Romeo with 210 hp will come into the hands of a genuine Juliet... Are you?

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