Citroën SM

Citroën SM

2.7 V6 , concours condition
103.841 km

It’s all about character in case of this truly unique Citroën. The SM is by far one of the most special and most beautiful creations the French ever made. Over the past six years, a renowned Citroën SM specialist managed to bring back the car visually to its original condition. A renowned Maserati specialist restored this copy technically in a perfect way. Total costs: 200.000 euros! All invoices are present, so each renewed part can be consulted.
The result of all the effort and cost is a precious 70s performance coupe, with an insane amount of French flair and a delicious dose of singularity. The former owner has had the car for 20 years. According to him, the interior and exterior colors are the same as when the car was delivered new back in 1973 at Madrid, Spain.

Interior & exterior

The SM has a striking appearance, in a very original way. No other car looks like this French top model. Or it must be the Citroën DS, which the SM is based on. However, that car is something special as well.
This copy features a stunning 70s livery, with a light brown bodywork and a cognac leather interior. Inside and outside the Citroën is in magnificent shape. The charisma is of an unprecedented high level! When you’re lowered into the majestic seat, it’s like you’ve taken place in a time machine from the past. The SM is futuristic and classy at the same time. This is how a luxury GT is meant to be!


We said it before, and we’ll say it once again: the only car that comes near to the SM in terms of design is the DS. Some of the many distinctive design features are the strong sloping waist and roofline, tapering back, very limited ground clearance (when height set at lowest position), 'closed' wheel arches at the back and of course the one-spoke steering wheel. It makes this car unmistakably a Citroën. And undeniably beautiful!

Model background

In 1961 the idea was born to produce a luxury version of the DS with revolutionary performances. The concept was called 'Project S'. Two years later Citroën was shopping at the legendary Trident factory, because at that time Maserati already had much experience with high performance cars and technologies.
In 1968, Citroën even took over the Italian sports car manufacturer, with the purpose to use the Maserati V6 engine for the SM. In 1970, the production version of the greatest Citroën ever was born.


The SM came in two flavors: a 2.7 V6 and a 3.0 V6 (only for the US market), equipped with triple Weber carburetors or a Bosch D-Jetronic injection system. Both versions had front-wheel drive and a transmission placed in front of the engine.
Other typical Citroën characteristics are the adaptive headlights (indeed, the SM was that advanced!), speed-sensitive power steering and hydropneumatic suspension system – which ensures (fully automatic) a constant ride height and load-dependent brake pressure. But above all: maximum comfort and a unique driving experience!
Impressed already? Wait until you’ve experience the Citroën SM by yourself… Looking forward to seeing you soon in the Netherlands!

Kind regards, Prins Classics