Ferrari 308

Ferrari 308

Factory Color
87.596 km

Ferrari 308 GTB

Once she was considered by many to be “the most beautiful Ferrari ever made”. And still this gorgeous, original and well-maintained Ferrari 308 GTB lets the hearts of many true fans beat extremely fast. Thanks to its fantastic looks and unique driving experience, but also because of the well-known (hi)story behind this stunning 1st series model. The Rosso sauce is a welcome bonus. Or for some, an absolute must. We join the last group.


The fiery red 308 GTB on your screen has an impressive history. Just about all details are known. We know, for example, that the 70s supercar was delivered new on 11 November 1978 in Geneva. For over 12 years, the Ferrari was loyal to Lake Geneva, where it drove most of its kilometers. As far as we can see, this happened with one and the same owner. We can link this fact to its maintenance: every service was fulfilled in the vicinity of the lake during this period.
In 1991 the 308 GTB moved to the east of Switzerland, in the direction of another lake called Lago Maggiore. The place became the new home for the Ferrari until 1998. Once again, the GT Berlinetta was faithful to the neighborhood and punctual maintained periodically. The next year the 308 discovered the federal city of Bern. It was the first step northward. In 2002 the trip to the north ended: the Netherlands became the Ferrari’s new destination. Since then, the Swiss Italian has been registered here. Worth mentioning are the major maintenance services back in 2007 and 2015; both including replacement of the timing belt and water pump. In 2017, the historical Prancing Horse was serviced again.

Interior & exterior

The Rosso Corsa bodywork is in an absolutely spectacular condition. No coincidence: the flaming red lacquer has already been re-applied once. Compliments to those who are responsible; the refinishing is perfectly executed. The other compliments go to famous designer Leonardo Fioravanti, who was employed by Pininfarina at the time he formalized the torpedo-like profile of the 308. Not to mention the many masterly finishing touches, such as the magnificent shaped air intakes right behind the doors.
A clever piece of craftsmanship is also the spartan, completely original interior of this Ferrari GTB. The Nero leather upholstery has a wonderful dose of patina. Even the carpets are original, also in terms of color: Blu. The minimalistic 3-spoke leather steering wheel, aluminum gear switch pattern, chrome-rimmed gauges and switches in the center console take you back to times gone by. Times in which the 308 with 2,9 liter V8-engine was considered “the most beautiful Ferrari ever made”. Times change? Perhaps. However, the timeless beauty of this car never will!

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